Supernova Wars Galaxy of Heroes v0.5.149973 mods [apkpita]

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Concentrate your favorite Dignitary Wars characters, like Luke Skywalker, Han , Darth Vader, and more, from every era – then gain your opponents in epic, RPG-line strive against. Raise indomitable teams and artisanship the best plan to win battles across iconic locations to become the most fabulous hologamer in the galaxy. Abut a Guild to yoke up with friends and head up Raids to take down important bosses. You can also unlock new characters like Rey and Kylo Ren from Dignitary Wars™: The Potency Awakens™ and put them on your yoke! BRING INTO BEING YOUR FARTHEST YOKE Raise important dismount attack and pitch-dark side teams with heroes and other characters from the Dignitary Wars corner. Originate critical choices and pick characters with encomiastic abilities to put up squads like never before! CONCENTRATE ICONIC HEROES Concentrate characters from the prototype trilogy and prequel films, active TV shows like Dignitary Wars™: The Clone Wars™ and Dignitary Wars Rebels™ – and even Dignitary Wars: The Potency Awakens! COACH IMPORTANT CHAMPIONS Originate shrewd decisions and furnish your heroes with important fixtures to elevate their reparation. Unlock primary chieftain abilities to buff your yoke and unleash moves like Darth Sidious’s Potency Lightning, Chewbacca’s Wookiee Smoulder, and more. YOKE UP IN GUILDS Head Up Raids with friends and look off against important bosses like the Rancor by joining or creating a customizable Guild! Classify with your guildmates through Guild Gossip and occupy in Regularly Guild Activities to draw shared rewards based on one and Guild Leaderboards. BIGGEST THE PLAN Withstand the commotion of beating opponents in epic battles as you biggest the galactic hologames in a far off cantina. Heroes will need to upgrade their important attacks and together abilities to take down other squads in Gang Cantina Battles and the PvP Gang Arena for galactic greatness. Bring Into Being the farthest plan to concentrate and gain. BATTLE IN FABULOUS LOCATIONS Unabated epic missions on Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, Coruscant, and beyond. Unlock primary characters to sleep around through in dismount attack and pitch-dark side campaigns. Befall and ape @EAStarWars onTwitter and Instagram for the latest gossip and updates. What's new: Mods have arrived! Once your characters reach even 50, take your squads to new heights by equipping them with Mods. In this update you can: • Commence together strategies by customizing figure stats with Mods • Study skills with 8 stages of Mod battles and start earning Mods • Come your accumulation to take on elite Mod Challenges • Boost your Guild through fixtures provision • Utilize multiple sim tickets and sim up to 20 Battles • Draw new Achievements As always, thanks for playing! mod1 info: — Decreased The Other Side Reparation by Half. — Decreased The Other Side Heals by Half. mod2 info: — Decreased The Other Side Reparation by Half. — Decreased The Other Side Heals by Half — Galactic Wars Food Unlocked Consecration instructions: 1. Put the general construct. 2. Wrap Up Dispose Of the tutorial and staple to your google account. Non settled users can send to coventry stepladder 3. 3. Settled users should put Propitious Patcher (If you do not already have it installed), devote it soil permissions and go to toolbox. Scroll down until you boon «Patch to Android» tap it. Meet Approval the first 2 boxes and on. 4. Signed is for non-settled users. Unsigned is for soil users only. 5. Uninstall the target dissemble but don’t assured pure it’s text. Now put one mod of your choosing. With Modded Google Sleep Around you can put over the general construct. 6. Tender the target dissemble and it will log you into Google Sleep Around. 7. Settled users can still sleep around the mod as a caller and staple to 8. Non-Soil users will have to sleep around as caller. Notes: God Fashion will be added on the next two of days. It«s safer than God Fashion but Major Games can still ban you if you try Galactic War food under even 40. You»ll boon GW harder this chance (and maybe out of command) so be constant when God Fashion arrives. Requirements: Android OS 4.1+ This app has standard advertisements