Backtrack From to Bed v1.1.3

  • 13.08.2016, 15:36,
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Assist to Bed is a 3D flummox trick set in a single and artistic conjure up planet, wherein you teach the sleepwalker Bob to the security of his bed. To fulfil this, you must take rule of Bob’s hidden champion named Subob. The tandem travels through a surreal and painting-like conjure up planet, filled with objects used to teach Bob towards the Bed, but also dangers that must be avoided! No ads and no in-app purchases. Features: • Single surreal and artistic trick world: A peculiar but pleasing conjure up world that mixes elements from the legitimate planet and the planet of dreams to compose something single, surreal and sometimes a bit crawly. • Isometric flummox levels: Cruise ornate 3D puzzles that brave the laws of physics, wherein the jock must negotiate the peculiar environs to compose a vault course Bob and refrain from the dangers of the flummox. • Two characters as one: Manoeuvre as the embodied subconsciousness, in the rules of a humiliated champion non-spiritual luxuries, trying to safeguard its own noctambulation assembly from dangers of the conjure up planet. • Striking visual vogue: Chance the tender of playing in a scrap of art set in a digital compose. A visual vogue inspired by help-painted techniques, surreal art and outrageous shapes. • Nightmare configuration: Unlock a more challenging adaptation of the trick, made for those who truly want to study their flummox solving skills and use conclusion many steps forwards, or who are just too dogged to slack up. • MOGA-encouragement: Use Assist to Bed with MOGA controllers. What's New: Moga controllers now business correctly on Android 5 devices More Info: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Instructions: 1.Copy «com.bedtime.backtobed» folder to «sdcard/Android/obb» 2.Install APK 3.Launch the trick
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