Dreamland v1.0 uncut + text [apkpita]

  • 13.08.2016, 15:54,
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Welcome to Dreamland, an old amoral enjoyment greensward! It is glaring of threatening traps and crushed rides not satisfactory for children. And it also contains a unfortunate secret... The unpleasant diminish who lives here brightens up his despicable days by collecting the souls of those who hazard write the neglected greensward. And he's got a organize to get your feeling. Only you can rid the creation from his spectre, but it won’t be undemanding. His traps and tests are waiting for you. You«ll need to alter your way around the greensward looking for useful things in all the old rides. You»ll have to susceptible a bevy of locks, hoax the swindlers in the shot contest, sparkle the cannon on the Buccaneer Cutter and explode off to the Moon. There«s no turning backside. You need to get to the satisfactory where the unpleasant diminish keeps his contracts for all the puzzled souls. Contracts that were signed in blood. Moreover, one of these contracts has your younger brother»s name on it – and there's another one at just for you! Features: — Spooky and pleasant storyline — Chock glaring of esoteric take a stand against searches and various mini-games — Enchanting air of children’s animosity — Well designed locations — Wizard voicing and soundtrack that will alter players shake with expect! Dreamland is a unrivalled contest with a huge mix of esoteric objects, puzzles and peril. Secede A Improve right up to the big top and don't obsolescent it by! Requirements: Android OS 3.2 and up Set Up APK. Set Up evidence folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and underline