Expedition to Aztlan v1.0.1 quite [apkpita]

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Search After to Aztlan is a RPG, try one«s luck and genius plan profession in which you»ll up your heroes to the corrupt bishopric of Aztlan. Features resilient creatures who keep this bishopric in implausible actual era RPG battles. Are you ready-made to ascertain the secrets of Aztlan and up your heroes to victory? ENERGETIC AN EPIC TREK — Elect your heroes according to the genius plan you want to obey into struggle. — Each superstar has inimitable stats and skills. — The genius plan is the key! Each superstar has discourteous and defensive skills. Will you denunciation your opponent or frame an ally? — Every era you win a struggle you get coins that you can dish out on new weapons and items. ADEPT THE PROFESSION — Actual-era battles that will constantly assay your genius plan! — RPG battles where you have to be bound for b assault nimble decisions and elect what orders you will give up to your heroes. — Use consumables (bombs, potions, poisons, etc.) to help your heroes in struggle. — Adept the different skills and stats of your heroes. It is decisive for the conquest! START YOUR TREK TOWARDS AZTLAN — 40 challenging levels emotional of exertion and enemies that will try to retard you achieving conquest. — 4 different locations (jungle, caves, archaic ruins and the Grievous Shrine of Aztlan). Can you influenced each of them? — Challenging and emotional of exertion as no other profession. — Off The Mark diversity of items: weapons and equippable items for each personality that a multitude of different combinations, dozens of consumables for struggle (bombs, potions, poisons) and hidden magical objects. EVERY STRUGGLE IS DIFFERENT — Hundreds of combinations of enemies that will try to impediment your evolution through the different locations. — Each opponent has inimitable skills that will assay your genius plan and command aptitude. — Use wisely the deliberate skills of each personality. It will be decisive for the after-effect of the struggle! — Enemies will become more resilient and fashionable as you go forward, present you new and greater challenges. Could you pulsation them? Know Aztlan life through the field trip journal, where curiosities, details and most critical events will be narrated plus sketches and drawings to ascertain in understanding the good breeding of this story-book bishopric. You can unlock this topic throughout the trek. The try one's luck begins recruiting your own gang of adventurers. These stout heroes come from different parts of the epoch and have very different histories and skills. Every band must have a bossman and three companions, supreme to lots of different combinations, each with different struggle strategies. Rout your enemies to get coins and dish out them in the Merchant's stow away, a odd personality who appears at the end of each day of globe-trotting trips. Preferred the stow away you will view items for your field trip: weapons, clothing, supplies and wizardry items. Control your resources by investing in weapons or supplies for struggle or spending generally of your coins to liberate your evolution. The statistics of these objects are randomly generated depending on the up. Search After to Aztlan is a genius plan r-playing profession that will assay your skills! Do not bird this grievous RPG try one's luck! Do you have any questions or suggestions with this RPG and try one's luck game? Phone us! TW: @QuestToAztlan FB: http://www. fb .com/abonfireofsouls/ Email: Thank you for playing! ;) Requirements: Android OS 2.3 and up