MMA Supervisor v1.4.3 + mod [apkpita]

  • 13.08.2016, 16:08,
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Take on the r of a MMA director in the present-day confute point. Carry On your gym and base your confute conspire from the provincial sight to the heights of managing beget champions in the top promotions. «An MMA simulator as pulchritudinous as the bloody and bruised fighters it celebrates, MMA Director is nevertheless fun and well-constructed» — Bronze Endowment from PocketGamer «MMA Director is a colossal handling sim to dated together or any guard jaunt or whenever you get a pardon point in time. It is recondite enough to allow you to lean to like you are continual things without ever being too burdensome and will keep you entertained for many an hour. A must for any MMA fan.» — Michael Dalgleish, Zero1Gaming «You must go on. You can’t go on. You’ll go on. All for 10%.» — Josh Rosenblatt, Vice's Fightland • This is your confute conspire. Tiro fighters from multiple load classes and charter rent out coaches to guard them. • Palter with leagues, publication fights, and lodestar your fighters up the ranks to win titles. • An outspoken-ended nervy in a simulated MMA beget with 10 different confute promotions and at least 940 AI fighters. • Considerable fluctuate of procedurally generated fighters with differing appearances, skills, stats, soldierly arts backgrounds, records and personalities. Fighter appearances can vacillate in tresses styles, colours, tattoos, flay tonality, facial tresses and cauliflower ears. • AI Fighters will age out, confute each other and shake up up and down the rankings. • Fully Simulated gamester fighters and personalities including gormandizing, gladness, bad habits and job goals. • Carry On your fighters’ careers, keep them delighted but keep in mind you can always get rid of them. • Complex confute simulations with a titanic gang of possible combinations of enterprise that can indulge up each confute. • Corner fighters and upon key moments in the confute. • Different soldierly arts styles stir what techniques fighters can use. Fighters can learn new styles from their coaches. • Contract with issues like missing load, injuries, and PEDs. • Upgrade and rig out your gym with the best materiel to flattery your coaches. What’s new: • Fix for a wish vertical bug where basing you conspire in Alaska would initiate to a corrupted keep. Mod Info: Limitless cabbage Requirements: Android OS 4.4 and up