Eliminate Fortress 1.3.1 [IPA]

  • 14.08.2016, 19:51,
  • Games
About this stream: Develop your fortress, and champion it to the end! Barrier Fortress gives you the candour to make a fortress in almost any way you can dream up, and then puts you in the centre of the combat trying to champion it from the intractable attacks of the ominous Goblocks! Put your skills as both a builder and a fighter to the check up on as you try to persist as covet as you can! Features: • a unequalled mix of TD and FPS gameplay • superlative candour to develop your subservient any way you select, from immoderate fortresses, to sprawling castles • customize your blocks, weapons, and gear using a weighty crafting set-up • side up with your friends in 2-4 performer cooperative multiplayer • buttress your walls with over 30 different construction blocks • champion your subservient with 16 advanced turret types • mechanism up your avatar with tons of weapons and gear • lots of pay for blocks — including power generators, brightness charges, country mines, spotlights, teleporters, and more • day and twilight recycle — develop lights and spotlights to swot yourself for the brusque twilight! • several match modes, including a «free build» sandbox set-up and a more volatile survival set-up • 6 different types of landscape to obtain • upload and deal your creations, and download others • up to 4 performer cooperative multiplayer What's new in Rendition 1.3.1 Rigged a bug that would cause flourish issues for iPhone 4, iPod Bring Up 4, iPhone 3gs, and iPad 1. Also rigged a bug in how the text was being submitted to the leaderboards in co-op set-up. Sorry guys... And in container you missed it, co-op multiplayer is at the last moment here! • added GameCenter co-op multiplayer with pay for for up to 4 players • added the cleverness to make, upload, and download maps for use in co-op games • added two new unpolished landscape types — swamp and tundra — with rare indecent and milky minerals • added two new bots — a covet-run the gamut sniper bot and a UNENCUMBERED scatterbrained bot • added a new storage crate box (adept for storing and transferring resources in multiplayer games) • optimized safeguard match files so downloading and uploading should be much faster (for games saved starting from rendition 1.3 and later) • rigged a bug that would cause you to stopping up shooting when you started to fail • rigged a bug that would cause country mines to reject when you or your bot walked on them • rigged a bug that would cause shotgun to rush only one bullet • rigged a bug where some landscape would be missing a corner barrier, allowing you to fail through the deposit into darkness • rigged a bug that would cause some supported blocks to fail when deleting adjacent blocks • rigged a bug that would cause enemies to get stuck when they hew down into open-handedly • increased the reload every so often old-fashioned of ponderous plasma