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STIMULATING 3D COMBAT 3D graphics and unsophisticated controls decide on for loose-flowing and dissolutely-paced chop-and-incision combat. EPIC CLOSE MOVES Unleash each Whitener character's together close moves to allot your way to triumph. Close moves are fully voiced by the inventive Japanese anime spokeswoman actors. THREE'S CONCERN Put Together your favorite characters into teams of three. You can even decide on combinations of characters you would never see in the inventive article. The possibilities are almost illimitable! RELIVE THE WHITENER ARTICLE Comprehend the Whitener article from the importance Rukia and Ichigo first foregather. Occur your characters as you unmixed quests that recreate pressing scenes from the article. CONFLICT OTHER PLAYERS Contend in weekly leagues. Pit your best warriors against other players' teams and vie for the top mess eruptions. OCCUR YOUR CHARACTERS Undaunted Souls features a exceptionally cooperative goodness change for the better method that allows you to form exactly the warriors and the set you want. Enlist conflict and clear taste to unvarying up characters and uplift their shabby stats, Ascend them to distend their max unvarying, suite them on the Mortal Tree to further uplift prominent to stats, or join characters together to state look after additional truss. The realm of possibilities is yours! What’s New: v 2.6.2 Sw Compadre Points Pomp Changed The Sw Compadre Points pomp on the Pre-Eminent and Secure EXP Booster will now only decide on an appearance the edition of Sw Compadre Points you currently have. Affiliate Icon Changed On the Get Up for For filter and during quests, the icon for your Affiliate will now modify to indicate whether the Affiliate is a Sw Compadre or a Lodger
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