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THE LEGENDS OF ASTONISH HAVE RETURNED TO SWEAR OFF YOU THE MOST VIBRATING POUNDING, SUPERVISOR BANGING IPHONE APP OF 2009. Metallica Repayment will have you rocking out and raising your “horns” in the air with 10 hit tracks, 4 boss tracks, and Affray Form. This body has sold more platinum, played to more people and inspired more astonish acts than any body before it. Circumstance the epic that is Metallica Repayment. DON'T JUST TAKE OUR LITTLE TALK FOR IT ..... “Headbangers will have a rationality to long-standing their regard a bit starting Tuesday, when astonish body Metallica makes its way onto iPhones with a handle-tapping music app called «Tap Tap Repayment: Metallica.» — HUFFINGTON PIER “This deception is awesome. Well improvement the money.” “Awesome countryside intense form. Extraordinary songs. Intolerable color and graphics. Fun arcade form with bombs. All splendid features of the best Tap Tap deception ever!” SOME JUMBO DECEPTION FEATURES ABSOLUTELY NEW TO THE TAP TAP REPAYMENT HOUSEHOLD .... • 10 jumbo astonish mega-hits by Metallica • 4 boss tracks, with some of the most abstruse tapping functioning ever in Tap Tap Repayment. • Systematic tracks in countryside form with four rails, and an extraordinary Intense form with tracks in countryside form with FIVE rails. Another Tap Tap Repayment first! • Arcade form, allowing you to try out your mettle against weapons thrown at you by the computer. • Affray form, so that you can go supervisor to supervisor against your friends on Bluetooth, lobbing weapons at one another to be innovative zip and with the improvement! • Four addictive tribulation levels, each with unlockable boss tracks • Higher-Level lasting quality, blazing show, a Metallica information gratified, andConnect to flourish your scores to the Clique. SOME OF THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE ASTONISH SONGS IN THE CLIQUE FROM THE BEST ASTONISH BODY IN THE CLIQUE .... • For Whom the Bell Tolls • Stimulate • Sovereign Nothing • Sad But Unelaborated • Some Tolerant of Lusus Naturae • Participate In Sandman • One • Invite & Neutralize • All Nightmare Elongated • Understand of Puppets LOG IN INVESTIGATE OUT OTHER EXTRAORDINARY HITS BY TAPULOUS .... • Tap Tap Repayment 3: #1, self-governing deception on the iPhone • Tap Tap Caper: Jumbo caper hits, psychedelic themes • Lady Gaga Repayment: #1 breakout music hit of 2009. Congested album for less than its consequence in iTunes • Riddim Ribbon featuring Lowering Eyed Peas: Several extraordinary singles that sold more than any other body in 2009 - Fix for iOS 6.0 and above — Bluetooth Battlemode decided — Non-Specific lasting quality and bug fixes
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