Age of Wushu Family v3.0 mod + statistics

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War comes to Jianghu, as the flimsy placidness between schools crumbles and smoldering tensions want sluggish rupture forth. Heroes take up arms against for their honor and the schools round up behind their leaders to appearance a new brawl. Set off into a cosmos torn by nursery school war and manoeuvre to locate your fortune, but take heed that gruesome truly does weigh the climax. Spring Up to power and main your brethren for with no holds barred and halo in the latest update to the exciting risk of Age of Wushu Heritage! «An gruesome lot of things just right!» – Island Gamer "Best Agile Recreation at E3” – OnRPG "Excellent visuals and aesthetic stout-hearted arts!” – Pertain To Arcade "Sure to be a magnificent, skirmish-jammed recreation for all to appreciate!” – App Suggestion Offer a Stylized Cosmos set in Primeval China Tour a visually heavenly understood cosmos filled with serene peach blossom orchards, bustling see streets, and scorched battlefields! With greatest 3D animations and PC-lay waste graphics, Age of Wushu Heritage transports heroes to Ming Heritage China, with stylized era outfits and unerring environments modeled on trusted locations! Attempt for Power with 5 Schools Decide from four Stout-Hearted Arts Schools to be contiguous on the way to locate the power within! Each nursery school offers together opportunities in an arcane symbol customization approach – teacher the Taichi Sword as a exquisite Wudang knight, or run ninja destruction from the shadows as the cunning Tangmen. Be Contiguous a nursery school, teacher the arts, and vie with conflicting schools to locate your fortune! Understanding-pounding Insurrectionary Contest Become a unerring teacher of stout-hearted arts with Age of Wushu Dynasty’s insurrectionary contest approach. Go beyond simple-hearted commonplace ‘n cut mechanics with adept trusted-in days of yore contest. Blot Out arriving attacks, in days of yore your parry, and dispatch feints to ameliorate through defenses and be victorious over your disputant. Teacher together sail sets to take up arms against with blades, staffs, daggers, and literal hands! Ignite your Kungfu liveliness with robust Boil attacks and vandalize your adversaries! Ultimatum Rivals in PvP Who will be the decisive promote of Jianghu? Offer a cut-throat cosmos of ninja assassins and Kungfu heroes, as players brawl it out in organized and generous cosmos PvP. Take Up Arms Against your way to the top in 1 on 1 Arena battles. Tattle-Tale behind lines with Spycraft, and be contiguous together in Guilds to brawl for autarchy in PvP Guild Raids! ==Connect== Smite our ceremonial situation to learn more about Age of Wushu Heritage: Be Contiguous the Age of Wushu Heritage community and learn more on FB and our ceremonial Forum: FB After: https://www. fb .com/ageofwushudynasty Community Forum: What’s new: 1. Spring Up to power with a new nursery school — the Majestic Guards 2. Turn Out your firmness in the Mountain Hua PvP Arena! 3. Be Contiguous the take up arms against with up to 240 players in new Guild War wise 4. Locate power with new internal and alien skills: Vital Spirit With No Holds Barred, Devil's Palm, Feral Sceptre and Transcendence 5. All new outfits and weapon skins available for procurement in recreation Mod Info: Indeterminable Mana No Sail Cooldown Requirements: Android OS 2.3.3+ Instal APK. State materials folder in SDCard/Android/Data / (NOT in the Obb folder) and temporize