Pillars Of Everlastingness Majestic Printing Largesse Gratification

  • 15.08.2016, 00:27,
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Hey, here the honorarium fulfilled for POE. Thxs to darkelf for the bonuses. POE Generous Stratagem <a href=" https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/11777560/Pillars_Of_Eternity_(GOG)« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/11777560/Pillars_Of_Eternity_(GOG)</a ◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕ Digital Novella by Chris Avellone (In Formation &#151; Coming Soon): A digital novella that spotlight on the backstory of some of the more engrossing characters that players may over the course of their travels in Pillars of Everlastingness. Collector’s Tome PDF: Digital idea of the tome that is being published by Louring Horse. It contains lots of news and art on the home, gag, and creatures of Pillars of Everlastingness. 112 pages. Hi-res Concept Art pieces: Gamy fixedness pieces of our concept art. Contains everything from concepts of areas and creatures to props and nature pieces. Digital Stratagem Chaperon: Digital idea of our stratagem chaperon from Prima penned by the same novelist of the Fallout: New Vegas chaperon. Contains all the news players will need to expert Pillars of Everlastingness and fete all of the fulfilled available. Digital Imaginative Soundtrack: This soundtrack contains many of the game's music tracks performed by a remain orchestra.Contains at least 17 tracks in MP3 and FLAC formats Digital Offensive Almanac: The Offensive Almanac contains everything agnate to the teachings, relation, and crowd of Eora as at first told by Hylsman Horag and revised by the Mystifying. The 35 almanac has commentary provided by a genus of authors and is an engrossing skim for anyone poignant to delve deeper into the crowd of the Pillars of Everlastingness. Making of Documentary (In Formation &#151; Coming Soon): A video documentary of the unimpaired Pillars of Everlastingness event prepare &#151; from opening to end. Includes commentary from the developers and behind the scenes footage of stratagem shows and events. Digital Hi-res Stratagem Map: A gamy fixedness map of Eora«s Eastern Reach. Details comprehend locations that players will be traveling to and locations that they may be seen in tomorrow»s Pillars of Everlastingness products. Wallpapers: Gamy fixedness and multi-vet wallpapers of collected concept art and in-stratagem artwork. Ringtones: Transitory clips of sounds and music from Pillars of Everlastingness. Unalloyed as nimble ringtones