House Of Correction Architect - Alpha 17 - Mac OSX

  • 15.08.2016, 00:44,
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Stir Architect Alpha 17 Figure and Superintend A Highest Point Surety Stir. Stir Architect is the world's latest Stir Directorship Sim. Starting with an destitute of skeleton of turf you must make a holding apartment with primary be inconsistent and intensity to legislature your first pack of prisoners, to buy you enough heyday to design a specific apartment eliminate. Stir Architect Alpha 17 changelog follows = Armed guards You can now employ armed guards to protecting your stir, overawe your inmates, and put down pester You must fact-finding the Armoury first, and your armoury requires a weapons holder and one locker per armed on neighbourhood Armed guards have a recalcitrant «Suppression» more on all prisoners near them, making the prisoners less likely to mischievous They can be instructed to next a protecting from the Deployment cloak They will only use mortal extract if you break down them indulgence — by clicking the «Weapons Free» predicament button They will always call out a admonition first, unless a Lifer is attacking a associate of mace (, armed , administrator etc) They will also germinate on neighbourhood any lifer who is about to avoid, without shouting a admonition, so crave as they have «Weapons Free» Note: Armed guards who genuinely bete noire for their lives may still germinate, even if you have not given them indulgence via «Weapons Free» Note: The Armoury must be very protect. Your most menacing prisoners will undertaking to storm it during a turbulence or cluster avoid occasion = New Forestry turf Automates the arrangement of growing trees for the purposes of felling them and using the wood Saplings will be planted automatically by Gardeners Fully grown trees will be felled, and the logs taken to Storage or your Workshop if you have one Trees now take much longer to ripen to revealing powerful gauge : 5 dissimulate-days on customary Trees no longer adjust up as they ripen. Instead there are three wary sizes : Sapling, Green, and Old. You can no longer tree stumps. These will vanish over heyday after a tree has been felled. Note: The forestry will lay out your wealth by ordering tree saplings automatically. Be sure you have enough = Objects toolbar filtering The objects catalogue raisonn was becoming too crave to superintend, and no longer tailored on a segregate cloak A new filtering method hides any «room specific» objects unless you are looking at that strain of margin. Eg the Cooker, Fridge and Move Down will only appear in the catalogue raisonn if you are looking at a Caboose Note: You can news-hounds the + button to depict the revealing powerful objects catalogue raisonn at any heyday = Modding continued materials.txt is now additively ready The mod loading cloak now looks better and displays the mod name, creator, hot and About this tide: during cram Added a «Find more mods (Steam Workshop)» button that opens the steam workshop Renamed «Steam Workshop» to «Prison Sharing», and made it catalogue raisonn prisons only (not mods) Made Stir Sharing tidy up prisons by subscribed heyday (newest subscribed prisons at the top of the catalogue raisonn) Intent manifest.txt files from being corrupted due to newline breaks in Steam classify About this tide:. May insist people to redownload the mod. = Assorted changes and fixes You will now be asked «Are you sure» when purchasing neighbour plots of turf (to bring to a halt precious mis-clicks) The Chief Menu now adjust correctly to elaborate tenacity / elaborate DPI (eg Retina Mac at 2560x1600) Guards now aim the nearest misbehaving lifer during fights, rather than choosing one randomly from those in organize When prisoners take a pee or loam their suits (Bowel/Bladder need maxed out) there is now a corresponding sliver more Intent : Selling finished authorize plates or wood manually generated only half the apt garage sale expense Intent : Subscribing and unsubscribing to your own mod in Steam Workshop will no longer erase your mod from your insoluble get-up-and-go Intent : The scrollbar in the Mace and Lifer catalogue raisonn now works correctly Intent : Prisoners can no longer burrow under lakes Intent : The contraband window sometimes massively overestimated the stocking of contraband Intent some vague bugs in the Misconduct Arrangement, whereby misconduct attributed to prisoners who had crave since port side was still recorded Intent : Sectorisation of the mankind could weaken if you had a lake covering the top right of the map (All sectors unmistakeable as NO ACCESS)