Wii Satisfashion [SS5ENR] [WBFS]

  • 15.08.2016, 01:12,
  • Games
Ohhhh... Look what I found... 10 more rare and indurate to unearth games. This should be enough to keep you engaged this weekend &#151; delight in, and decay, or I will unearth you... :-) Most of these are missing, unemotional or just old-fogyish here on TPB (or a 4GB iso instead of a 300MB WBFS!), so hopefully this will help suit some gaps. Round Name: Wii Satisfashion Round ID : [SS5ENR] Argot : ENGLISH (maybe others, not checked) Paradigm : Manner ** MIGHTY ** Please decay to at least 200%/2.0 each (i've got my uTorrent set to 500%/5.0). Do not just leech and run. Help others get a unplanned to download it instantly too. I'm doing this to help. Please help too. As ever, if you like it, maybe buy a Wii round to keep the franchise going as a thank-you for this freebie! Even better, get one not listed on here, and upload for me :-) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of my 700+ of my Wii games are listed here (primer alphabetize looks directory listing): <a href=" http://txt.do/rbsm« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://txt.do/rbsm</a Ambience bountiful to search and see if there is a missing one you want me to upload &#151; add a call for in the comments and i'll try to help out. Please Google the christen or round ID if you want to know about this or any of the other games, as I can't tip half of them myself to suit any questions. Also validation YouTube for a review/demo of games, as some are euphonious crap (like Ninjabread Man and the Billy the Wizard &#151; that was so crap I deleted it put in order away, so not got that anyway!)