Lock-Up Architect - Alpha 13b (Mac)

  • 15.08.2016, 01:14,
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This is the alpha 13b, it's an hotfix of alpha 13. Quod Architect alpha13 HOTFIX released Postby Chris » Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:09 pm Turns out alpha13 was unlucky for some after all. As many of you are au courant, we poor the pathfinding quite seriously in alpha13. We introduced a bug which would cause the Deployment cover to display a greyed out fabulous, explanation no sectors had been create. This had the maul-on efficacy that all pathfinding would prove inadequate, grinding your quod to a close. Everyone would just withstand around, looking departed. We have now released a hotfix that resolves this outcome, and a few others. Steam users will be automatically updated (you may need to restart steam). Non-steam users can download the fix from our builds phase &#151; just download alpha13 again: <a href=" http://www.introversion.co.uk/prisonarc« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.introversion.co.uk/prisonarc</a ... uilds.html The new model in the power supply menu should be «alpha13b». Here is a harsh liber veritatis of changes in alpha13b: PRACTICES: HAND-PICKED ALL &#151; Resolved: Fault-Finding bug with deployment procedure, resulting in a loss to subdivide the map into sectors. This caused most pathfinding within the ploy to prove inadequate, grinding the quod to a close. &#151; Resolved: Punishments maxed out at five hours, regardless of what you set in the Tactics cover &#151; Resolved: Keep Vigil positions were not being saved correctly &#151; Resolved: Bug in the laundry procedure that prevented prisoners from changing into make a clean breast uniforms &#151; There is now a tooltip in the Patrols cover, to enact it clearer how to accredit guards to patrols Dig Dig Dig! This one«s all about tunnelling. Given a spoon or any other gadget-esque thing and they»ll start from their toilets and keep on digging until they're outside the bourne. You can track down them by searching the con or office, but it may be merit inspiring those maxsec blocks a little further from the crabbed of your prisons..... We«ve also produced a admonishment tactics victuals where you can umpire fix the appropriate reprisal to an infraction. 2 weeks in the slammer for moaning about the chow? Hooligan, but don»t let us a close youΓǪ = Mizzle Off tunnels Prisoners can now dig mizzle off tunnels when they are presumed to be sleeping They will dig from the karzy in their office outward, avoiding buildings and walls as best they can They will incline to dig along splash pipes, especially adipose pipes, because these enact the job much quicker They coerce a digging gadget stolen from somewhere in the quod, and will stash this in their office Searching a con or his office whilst he is tunnelling will festival the hole Prisoners are motivated to dig mizzle off tunnels if they concern for their lives (chancy quod AND non-frenzied inhabitant), or if they have a very lofty Immunity need, explanation they've been locked up in their office for days &#151; New temporal: Bourne stockade drive crazy This is an EXTRAVAGANT new stockade drive crazy fount designed to obstruct mizzle off tunnels &#151; a very lofty and very sonorous stockade drive crazy. Tunnellers will do their best to dig around it. It can be tunnelled through, but it will take much longer than a regular stockade drive crazy. Note: You cannot create utilies through a bourne stockade drive crazy, and structure one will bob any existing utilities in those squares. &#151; You can doff tunnels you have uncovered by using the new temporal «Remove Tunnels» = Tactics description You can now hold sway over the punishments handed out to prisoners when they oppose, mizzle off, vandalize things etc. This is unlocked from Officialdom by the Chief, and gives you a new «Policy» description. You can also insist on spontaneous searching of the con and/or his office when misconduct occurs. Eg a con caught with a gadget may be digging mizzle off tunnels, so you can auto-search his office &#151; Needs procedure continued &#151; Prisoners now have an Surroundings need, representing the cleanliness of their surroundings. Price Janitors! &#151; Prisoners now have a Solitude need. This can only be discharged by them spending space alone in their own office. &#151; The before-mentioned «Defense» need is now called Safeness. It charges up when they finger in liable to be. As a outcome of these changes, all Con Biographies will be re-generated when you heap an alpha &#151; 12 or earlier spare ploy. &#151; Cells, holding cells and withdrawn cells must now be «Enclosed», which means surrounded by walls and doors. There will be no more structure tons of navigable cells in a amazon indoor extent without any walls seperating them. &#151; You can now carry on several different types of search on any aim or con: &#151; Search Prisoner/Object : Wholly searches the prisoner/object and nothing else &#151; Search Office : Searches the con and his office &#151; Search Office Hamper : Searches all prisoners and hiding places within the around office hamper &#151; Keep Vigil procedure update We are changing the keep vigil procedure to labour differently and better. In The Past Guards would auto-adhere to any keep vigil within their own sector, but wouldn't go outside the sector In this new procedure, you must accredit guards to a keep vigil manually by clicking on an existing keep vigil cubed The immediate superiority is that you can specify exactly which patrols are walked, and by how many guards Patrols can now go through multiple sectors as they are no longer connected. &#151; Popup Markers have been impaired for Alpha 13, because we poor them really bad &#151; It now takes 50% longer to useful to one year of a quod rap &#151; Nav procedure changes: There should be a lot less failed routing, and entities should now carry on better when cut off from the be idle of the fabulous. &#151; The deployment cover now highlights innaccessable areas of your quod in a flashing yellow burgee b device. Create doors! &#151; The Steam Workshop window now produces the liber veritatis of subscribed prisons much faster than before. Significant for those of us with 50 odd subscriptions! &#151; Resolved: The starting Deliveries and Detritus zones were being defined wrongly (each cubed added several times to the office)