Simpsons Hit and Run

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[Wikipedia] Incomprehensible happenings are occurring in Springfield; a horde of automaton wasps climb down upon the township at the origin of the high-spirited. After a tractor brace kidnaps Bart outside a circus, Lisa attempts to arouse her fellow-man by exploring the township for clues. She learns that the boycott sedans that have been appearing around township are connected to Bart«s disappearance. Lisa sooner finds Bart on a vessel in Springfield harbor. He appears to have recollection failure and is mumbling unintelligibly while once in a while mentioning the sedans and Undercurrent Cola, the «new and improved» cola chug-a-lug recently launched by idiot box superstar Krusty the Zany. Marge sets out to learn what has hollow Bart. As she investigates a crop gird that recently appeared in Cletus Spuckler»s crop cricket pitch, Abraham Simpson tells Marge that the crop gird is an requisition duplicate of the Undercurrent Cola logo. Marge gives a can of the cola to Bart, which snaps him out of his unconsciousness. Bart reveals that the new Undercurrent Cola is a keep an eye on-pilot cola produced by aliens. Marge decides to destroy Springfield of the cola, but in resentment of her valiant efforts, the chug-a-lug still maintains its celebrity.[5] Inspired by Marge's efforts and shameful for selling the cola in the first part, Apu tries to detect the inception of the cola. Twist Jailbird tells him that the cola trucks are registered to the Springfield Museum of Non-Chemical Portrayal. Apu and Bart reach to go backwards the museum, where they arouse a meteor as the inception of the cola. They snoop on a palaver between aliens Kang and Kodos, who are masterminding a map. Apu and Bart learn that the wasp cameras are filming the antics of Springfield for an intergalactic genuineness put on, Nuts Earthlings. The aliens are using the cola to mark aggressive people daft, by which at all times Kang and Kodos will categorize laser guns among the riff-raff to pep the township to a irrational kill sure to inhale many viewers.[5] Bart takes it upon himself to clip someone's wings Kang and Kodos« diagram. He asks Krusty for help, but Krusty informs Bart that he has already helped the False Brewery set up unrestrictedly laser gun stands around Springfield. Bart then goes to his sire, Homer, for help, and the duo at once stick with Kang and Kodos to the brewery. However, the aliens free, and before departing, they expose that they have already released Undercurrent Cola throughout Springfield»s unreservedly urinate accumulation. As the cola seeps into the train, it releases the un-deceased from the Springfield Cemetery, who invade Springfield. When Homer collects supplies to keep his and homewards from the marauding zombies, he decides to stick with a boycott sports car—which he believes possession of to the aliens—to the Springfield Atomic Power . The car, however, belongs to Professor Frink, who has discovered the aliens« taste: atomic ruin. He plans to use the lapse ship»s tractor brace to suck up cars that are filled up with drums of atomic ruin. After successfully loading Frink«s car, along with three more, into the aliens» tractor brace, the vessel explodes. The following day, Springfield is returned to common.
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