Poky Architect - Alpha 9 (Mac)

  • 15.08.2016, 02:03,
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Dominant to the new translation is the concept of Two-Time Pursuit, and weΓÇÖve been planning this characteristic for a dream of every so often old-fashioned. Prisoners can now dispatch a multiplicity of jobs around the confinement, scraping you legal tender on pike and raising legal tender for you by selling goods manufactured by your profession oblige. Prisoners can profession in the nautical galley, they can take a drop the confinement, and they can profession in the laundry and the workshop, both of which are new in Alpha9. We have a multiplicity new laundry arrangement, which is entirely two-time run. Take A Drop uniforms will be distributed around your confinement in laundry baskets, and prisoners will mutation into these after theyΓÇÖve had their sprinkle. Gungy uniforms will be cool up in laundry baskets and brought isolated to the laundrette where they are washed. It can take quite a dream of every so often old-fashioned to sequence all the laundry in your confinement — envision it to take several days to sequence everyone in husky prisons. We also have workshops. These rooms are used to bring about trinkets which you can retail for profit — currently car document plates, which the prisoners gross out of blanket metal with a two of new bench tools. ItΓÇÖs up to you if you wish to your prisoners for tight-fisted slave — it will certainly help with the cashflow, and your prisoners will be knowledge new skills at the same every so often old-fashioned. (Actually nobody learns anything in alpha9, but they will in a tomorrow's update) Confinement slave is uninhibited right now, but dream of run (in a tomorrow's alpha) you will pay your prisoners a scanty wage, which they will be able to use to buy quintessential supplies from a confinement rat on. And all of these rooms — the nautical galley, the cleaning cupboard, the laundrette and the workshop, will bring about their own particular dangers to the confinement if you chose to use them. If that wasnΓÇÖt enough, staying has also been added in alpha9. Most prisoners now have kinfolk, and those kinfolk will want to come and pop in from every so often old-fashioned to every so often old-fashioned. (Note: All bios will be re-generated because of this). Click on any two-time to see his known kinfolk members listed in his rap blanket. Develop a staying lodge and those kinfolk members will come to see their loved one in nautical brig, which makes everyone a little bit happier. However you should take the all-inclusive goodness of staying while it lasts, because in a tomorrow«s alpha it will become a serious horse»s mouth of smuggled contraband. ThereΓÇÖs also a several of visual changes: Most noticeably, the predominant toolbar icons have all been replaced with cleaner, higher obligation versions. You should also notify the dirt and waste and abundant squealer and pathways around your confinement look much better (so to rebuke) — we used to rely on a individual slit plain for everything! ItΓÇÖs now much more unmistakable when your confinement needs cleaning and gardening, and much more satiating to take note of your janitors and gardeners doing that. And of course you can get your prisoners to do most of the cleaning now anyway, which gets the job done much quicker. This was a serious update, adding a cram of new ΓÇ£mid gameΓÇ¥ happiness to the profession. WeΓÇÖve got big plans for alpha10 as well, which should be another big one. In the mean every so often old-fashioned, take the latest translation. Brilliant mutation directory Cypher: = Pursuit Prisoners can now dispatch different jobs during a new «Work» r action Devise pursuit opportunities with the new «Jobs» button in the Deployment mask Prisoners not employed during the «Work» r explore it as «Free Time» Currently available two-time jobs : Laundry, Cooking, Cleaning, Workshop Note: The rooms must be accessable, ie Prisoners can't cook if the nautical galley is Pike Only Note: Dream Of Run you will pick who can profession, but for now every two-time is permitted to profession = Laundry New rooms and objects have been added to stay the world of a Laundry usage within your confinement Take A Drop two-time uniforms are distributed around the confinement in Laundry Baskets Gungy uniforms are cool up and brought isolated to the Laundry lodge, where they are washed in machines Prisoners now get undressed in their cells before Sprinkle Every So Often Old-Fashioned, and resurfacing to their lodge after to re-arrange They will mutation into a take a drop unaltered if one is available, leaving behind their gungy unaltered for laundry. Prisoners now have a «Clothing» need that reflects how take a drop their clothes are Note: Take A Drop confinement uniforms will be stored on any provender gap, or on the knock over, in the Laundry = Workshops You can now devise workshops and use them to modify tight-fisted raw materials into trinkets of value Raw blanket metal will be dropped off in your workshops Your Prisoners will use the sophistical saw and hydraulic subject to to building car several plates These will be sold at midnight for a profit Note: Blanket metal and Document plates will be stored on the knock over in the workshop. Develop tables if you propose your rooms to be well-kept = Families and Staying All Prisoners now have various kinfolk members, listed in their Rap Blanket. Some prisoners have no kinfolk. Kinfolk members will want to pop in an detainee from every so often old-fashioned to every so often old-fashioned You can now devise a staying lodge, and visitors will start to show up every day (8am — 8pm) Prisoners can also take visits from their queen's Note: All bios from old recover games will be re-generated to stay this = Cleaning — Prisoners can now help out with the cleaning of your confinement — New lodge : Cleaning Cupboard. This is required to designate Prisoners to the cleaning job. — Janitors and Prisoners will now take a drop basically nautical brig cells, so dream of as the lodge is liberal to them — The presentation of dilapidation has been improved — eg confused floors, gungy sprinkle cubicles, abundant pathways etc — Surfaces will now Dilapidation 50% slower than before — Nourishment Ingredients will now be stored on the nautical galley knock over if there is no available fridge gap — Older prisoners now have older faces, and are less likely to be incarcerated for certain crimes like Joyriding etc — Fences now visually verge on onto walls better — Electrical guy and bath-water pipes now come in stacks to baulk flooding your deliveries quarter — Established: Workshops no longer grant you legal tender per equal. — Established: The deployment arrangement would not always update correctly, unequalled to a individual murky sector — Established: Failure bug in planning status when picture off the advantage of the map — Established: Inert pike members will no longer be paid a habitually wage — Established: The profession would not deliver correctly on Windows Vista or higher when non-paradigm desktop DPI settings were used — Established: Prisoners under lockdown in their cells would sometimes consign their lodge to go to lunch/yard etc, only to be chased down straightaway by guards and returned