Borderlands 2 Standalone Update 4: Ult. Vault Huntswoman Upg. Drive Off 2

  • 15.08.2016, 02:48,
  • Games
This is Borderlands 2 standalone variety «1.6.0 (113317 steam)» Update 4, up to antiquated as of September 3, 2013. Includes «Ultimate Vault Huntsman Upgrade Order Off 2». To play down download then, this is a delta update from prior variety. To body it, you must have Borderlands 2 Standalone Update 3 variety from Additional happiness and options available (all tested): — Mechromancer Order Off: Available when you opt a cove order. — Psycho Order Off: Available when you opt a cove order. — Superficial Hecatomb Dome: Entrance at the far east of «Wildlife Exploitation Preserve». — Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Boodle: Soundly Expeditions to «Oasis». — Mr. Torgue's Stump of Killing: Soundly Expeditions to «Badass Crater of Badassitude». — Sir Hammerlock«s Big Regatta Through With A Fine-Tooth Comb: Soundly Expeditions to «Hunter»s Grotto». — Insignificant Tina's Harm on Dragon Keep: Soundly Expeditions to «Unassuming Docks». — Furthest Vault Huntsman Upgrade Order Off: Destroy the regatta in «True Vault Huntsman Mode» and have your cove reach open 50, new «Ultimate Vault Huntsman Mode» will be available. — Furthest Vault Huntsman Upgrade Order Off 2: Soundly Expeditions to «The Blitz on Digistruct Peak». — All semblance customizations are available, including: — All 18 Insanity, Sway and Enslavement packs (a.k.a. Apparel Order Off) — Assassin Stinging Fop Order Off, Commando Played Out Huntsman Order Off, Gunzerker Dressed To The Nines Gent Order Off, Mechromancer Steampunk Slayer Order Off, Psycho Enslavement Order Off, Seductress Glitter and Blood Order Off (collectively known as Apparel Order Off 2) — Poker Sundown 2 customizations, — Diamond Trim Coffer Copy customizations. — Community Day 2013 customizations — Apparel Order Off 3 - Furthest Vault Huntsman Upgrade Order Off 2 customizations — From the First Night Bludgeon Order Off: characters get the Vault Hunter's Token and Gearbox GunPack. Plus, you get 255 Pet Keys instead of a paltry celibate one! — From the Collector's Copy Order Off: Contraband Sky Grenade. Other changes (all tested): — When cleft the trim coffer in Church, you don't free-flowing a Pet Key (but you still need one). Yeah, you can trim that pet coffer as often as you want. — Terminated English, French, German, Italian and Spanish localizations are included. — Standalone variety: no Steam union required.