iGold Technologies Swiped 1.0.2 IPA

  • 15.08.2016, 03:23,
  • Games
About this stream: *** New swipe combat based addictive nonplus racket! First of its good for iPhone/iPod/iPad. *** Swipe and cut out longest chains of alike resemble gems in this challenging nonplus racket with ravishing remarkable powers. --------------------------- *** Racket Facts *** — Swiped is a very masterpiece to learn swipe combat based racket for all access separate agile devices. — Each even is progressively challenging and very addictive. — Doubt your skills in 4 racket modes with unconstrained levels. — Kick-Start Theurgist & Magician by swiping over them along with alike resemble gem chains. — Conflict with thousands of players around the just ecstatic. --------------------------- *** Racket Freedom *** — Access and swipe over alike resemble gems to discharge them. — In each swipe combat, Longer the combination of gems, higher the basis you will get. — Use remarkable powers like Theurgist & Magician to get more points. — Freedom with blueprint to formula and swipe longer chains. Swiped Racket modes : * MASTERPIECE : Gain the object in given period to ideal each even. * TIMEATTACK : Tests your raw order swiping streak in 1 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min & 30 Min. * BASIS BE TERRIFIED : Very spry bound paced racket. * NON-STOP : Non end gem swiping fun. --------------------------- *** Features *** — Moving graphics with aqueous animations. — Auto economy & loading supported for all racket modes. — Unvarnished Style alternative to deflection off remarkable items. — All racket modes have individualistic gambler ranking combination based on the highest level/Score achieved. — Your classify consequently improves along with your technique as you freedom again and again, thats what makes Swiped so addictive. — Unconstrained levels! It needs only your technique to shiver a new even. Complication of the racket increases progressively from even to even. Swiped Tolerate What's New in Interpretation 1.0.2 - Improved Playing and reduced recollection manipulation. — Few other bugs are rigid.