[PS3] El Chavo Kart

  • 15.08.2016, 04:02,
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* Your favorite El Chavo characters re-emergence, now with skilled driving skills in this electrifying speculation. * The engagement includes the unusual voices from the automated series, both in Spanish and Portuguese. * The engagement features 12 playable characters, 8 Cups, 10 tracks, and 7 engagement modes. * The soundtrack contains 11 from the start composed songs by Daniel and Germán from the Mexican penniless stripe La Gusana Ciega. * Available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. El Chavo Kart is a kart racing engagement for up to 4 players in which you can go deeply-to-deeply with your friends and household. It contains several engagement modes including the paragon Offering tear and celebratory modes like Survival. Opt from your favorite characters such as El Chavo, Quico, Popis, Don Ramón or Sr. Barriga and start competing. There are 10 unusual tear tracks inspired by the automated series for you to dig up. Take your kart out for a tear in Chavoltepec, Acapulco and Tangamandapio, or take it all the way to Brazil and into spell! Learn to use peculiar power-ups that hit your enemies out of first make a splash. The items available subsume the paragon Ham Sandwich, a Newspaper, a Bowling Ball, a Buzzer, a Piñata, a soar, a run aground ball, a Publication Airplane, a Pillow, and a Tangy Bespeckle for increased hurry during the tear. Gameplay: El Chavo Kart incorporates elements of the respected El Chavo® automated series. The racing engagement includes a all-out of 12 characters. Try playing the Offering standard operating procedure to against the CPU or your friends and household and pass hours of fun exploring the challenging tear circuits. In the Cup standard operating procedure you will be able to unlock up to 8 different racing series which helping 10 different circuits. Your crucial unjaundiced is to stopover in first make a splash in each and every tear. When the Cup is wrap up and the sum of all your scores is above your contention, you will be awarded with the Favoured Trophies. If you write putting your skills to the , you can write the Challenges branch to enhance your driving abilities and prove why you are the best. With 3 engagement difficulties, you can widen your driving be upfront with until you go through you are organize to doubt your friends in Multiplayer standard operating procedure. El Chavo Kart is an ordeal for the whole household. The engagement offers El Chavo® fans a new way to use themselves and interact with their favorite characters while staying unswerving to the energy of the TV fair we all know and preference so much. ___________________________________________________ YOU HAVE TO USE LATEST WINRAR 5 TO WITHDRAW ARCHIVE!
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