[PS3] of the Titans

  • 15.08.2016, 04:43,
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Featuring a thematic mounting based on Greek Mythology and a story-line entwining the «War of Hades» the high-spirited delivers an harsh smashing of Evil Concoction. Gameplay standout features the cleverness to get and use competitor weapon to prepayment and worst opponents, as well as challenging boss battles and dedicated copy of scenes out of the cinema. Keen mythological beasts have been unleashed upon the come to rest. Caught in a war between gods, you must confrontation mythological creatures and trek through treacherous territories to lay Blue Planet from Hades« malevolent decree. Do you have what it takes to pussyfoot about up to the epic fray before you and worst the guard of the underworld? It»s up to you to overcome whacking great enemies and fray your way through a romantic underworld and qualify for the mercy of the gods. Clang of the Titans is a evil hazard solid of gods and monsters that thrusts you into the r of Perseus as you take up on an epic voyage to worst Hades and his many mythological minions. Traverse 15 iffy environments that study your limits. Overcome unfeeling beasts using more than 80 customizable weapons or prig weapons from your enemies and use them to your use. Through a amalgamation of sand and unintelligent guts, you will at bottom arbitrate the end of the Blue Planet. Features: * Clang of the Titans is an manner-hazard high-spirited pairing to the sensational let go of the same name. * Evil Concoction Based on Greek Mythology. * Relive adventures of Perseus from cinema. * New, primeval bosses & hazard. * Take your enemies power and assertive it your own. * Travel and overcome 15 humongous environments. * Customize more than 80 weapons to help you in fray or prig weapons from your enemies for additional power. * Downloadable tranquillity includes compensation quests, skills and dues items to enlarge gameplay and weaponry. * Unlock new adventures beyond the Clang of the Titans pellicle in Storyline system. * Fray more than 100 mythological creatures including centaurs, succubi, cyclops and enemies from the pellicle. ____________________________________________ YOU HAVE TO USE WINRAR 5 TO GLEAN ARCHIVE!
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