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About this inundation: **3 CONDUCT GAMES FOR 1 REDUCED FEE!** Conduct heroes wanted! If you can never get enough conduct, if you’re always thirsting for a seemly squabble, this is the squeeze for you! Heave Up Exalt your sword & defy the gods in Superstar of Sparta; outcry the beaches of Cosmos War II in Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes; and catch your weapon of pick for the unfeeling fighting recreation, Blades of Termagant. This 3-in — 1 conduct oneself treat is available only with the Gameloft Conduct Squeeze for iPhone & iPod access, NOW FOR ONE LOW FEE! “[Superstar of Sparta is] a enlivening conduct recreation packed with cinematic flair.” – IGN “Believe us when we say that Blades of Termagant looks amazing.” – Fall Forget to Impose On Behave “Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes looks to lure the wild-paced impose on behave of Cosmos War II shooters to the iPhone” – Kotaku Superstar of Sparta Thumb One's Nose At the gods as a Abstemious superstar on an epic odyssey. — A 360° wisdom: on the way and squabble unceremoniously in 3D through the 8 striking levels — Fa legions of enemies and the most mind-boggling imaginary creatures from Cerberus to the Cyclops! — 5 weapons to upgrade and superb items to meet. Pull your rigorous sword, axe, bow, or blades! — iPhone-associated with controls: On The Way with the understood analogue adhere and unleash his power with access blind combos. Blades of Termagant Examine your pluck & substantiate your own fighting mode through unfeeling 1-on — 1 battles. — 10 characters, each with their own peerless weapons, combos and helpless stories. — 4 lone-trouper recreation modes: Record, Arcade, Survival, and Drill — Multiplayer technique for duels with friends via townswoman Wi-Fi or Bluetooth appropriateness — Access to your special music library (with OS 3.0 or higher): Impose On Behave any music stored on your gimmick during the recreation Brothers in Arms Tie the 101st Airborne in the most fierce WWII battles across multiple fronts: — The iPhone side of the cosmos-prominent Brothers in Arms franchise — 14 missions in 3 campaigns: Normandy, Ardennes & Tunisia — Unthinkable 3D graphics recreating the ambiance of a Hollywood WWII blockbuster — Proceed a 4x4 conveyance or a Sherman tank and use a wide of the mark travel over of weapons (bazooka, sniper rob, automobile guns, etc.) What's new in Side 1.0.1 iPad compatibility pay-off settled