Pen Architect - Alpha 15c - Linux

  • 15.08.2016, 08:55,
  • Games
Glasshouse Architect Alpha 15c 15c Fixes a bug that prevented the prisoners from utilizing contraband Base and Take Care Of A Crowning Safe Keeping Glasshouse. Glasshouse Architect is the world's latest Glasshouse Top Brass Sim. Starting with an in want of tract of loam you must invent a holding apartment with principal not hold up under and ardour to theatre your first quantity of prisoners, to buy you enough together to originate a right apartment deny stuff up. Glasshouse Architect Alpha 15 changelog follows: = Mod arrangement We have started labour on much better mod stomach within the plucky All mods should be installed in your AppSaveFolder/PrisonArchitect/mods/ They will then appear up in a new Mods interface (Basic menu -> Extras -> Mods) You can initiate and deactivate as many mods at once as you wish There are several types of mod: Graphical / Conferring : Updates the graphics and sounds in the plucky Translations : Translates the plucky into languages other than English Scenarios : Rounded Out edda driven chapters, be like to our Eradication Row introduction Purport : Adds items to the sandbox or changes the conduct of items, eg Grants mods which add grants All mods must have a manifest.txt which details the entitlement, novelist, model etc And mods should come with a thumbnail.png idea which will act as a graphical private showing For a index of all existing mods: For complex details on how to originate a mod : You must appointment book your buy to farther ahead access to the wiki. If you haven't registered yet, go here: = Accomplishment optimisations continued The plucky now runs much faster, especially on Windows/PC Lots of unneccesary celebration copying has been optimised out. Makes a big contrariety dispute on Windows particularly. Big meet prisons (100+ days) sometimes adept very slowdown due to the index of all contraband Persistent a bug that caused the erection of foundations to become very unhurried and laggy on unselfish maps The lighting arrangement has been multithreaded, freeing up much CPU together Nb. The lighting arrangement now updates at 20hz (once 4hz), so changes in dawn turn up quicker as well = Sceptre consumption All sceptre now become fatigued as they labour Their liveliness with is rendered as a unripened bar in their nameplate (only shown when less than 33%) When they become weakened they will close labour for a while to mend You can now base a Sceptre Apartment, and weakened sceptre will go there in leaning Sceptre resting in a Sceptre Apartment will mend liveliness much faster, and tolerate more rested NOTE: Police dogs still overage in the Kennels — You will now take into one's possession a different federal permit for each division of trusty: Reduced safe keeping trusty : $50 per day Sane safe keeping trusty : $100 per day Crowning safe keeping trusty : $150 per day Note: Once you received $100 per trusty regardless of division — New clock abruptness accelerate selection : very lasting. Runs the plucky at 5x abruptness accelerate. (Untimely fastest abruptness accelerate was 2x) — The Deployment angle is now unlocked by the Chief. You can then check out Deployment to weld guards to stations, or Patrols to weld guards to patrols This fixes the issuance that you could unlock Patrols before you had access to the Deployment qualify. — You can now scroll by pushing the mouse to the head start of the qualify — The Contraband angle now has a sub-toolbar with magnificence options: Dangers Shows all the locations around your glasshouse that contraband could be stolen from 24 hours Shows all contraband confiscated in the last 24 hours 7 days Shows all contraband confiscated in the last 7 days All together Shows all contraband confiscated in the record of your send up the river In reckoning, all recovered contraband icons are mask coded: Red = Weapon, Smutty = tools, Unripened = narcotics Several basic menu items have been moved into a new Extras sub menu: Names in the plucky Steam workshop Mods Timelapse Persistent: Many types of irrelevent furnishings will no longer be smuggled into your glasshouse eg Mop, Rake, Hose, Leash etc — Persistent: Power lines were rendered without mask once you'd built more than four power stations — Persistent: Not all of the Complaints considering bubbles were displaying correctly — Persistent: Some void jobs would appear at the top port side of the map as a cost