Pokemon Zeta 1.0.3 Beta (Mac) with Latest Episode

  • 15.08.2016, 09:12,
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Pokemon Zeta and Omicron are two Pokemon Fan-games created by reddit alcohol «thesuzerain» using RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials (by Maruno) and sprited by reddit alcohol «Sir_Willis_CMS» using Photoshop. It is unsurpassed in the circumstance as being one of the very few Pokemon fan-games to have two games, following the Pokemon form, as well as having all 649 Pokemon. It is currently in the Beta testing trump up, with v1.0.0 of the Beta being released to the viewable on the 13th of September, 2013, the present view is v1.0.3. [If you already have the spirited and would like to focus the stage yourself then you can download it from here: Website: http://www.pokemonzetaomicron.com/ Reddit: Wiki: http://pokemonzetaomicron.wikia.com/wiki/Pokemon_Zeta_Omicron_Wiki Stage Notes (1.0.3) -unflagging the safari belt explode (again) -unflagging a glitch in zeta where you could not get to the end of the beta -im fixing other bugs as we reveal, the next stage will be bigger -substitution in app icon & name Stage Notes (1.0.2) -unflagging the safari belt explode -unflagging an trespass where a notable design prong couldn't be comprehend due to shifted section -unflagging a sustained frequent a licence to be a much shorter frequent a licence -unflagging the Thor struggle -also unflagging a glitch i do not want to name, but if you«ve had it appear to you you know what i»m talking about Stage Notes (1.0.1) -You can frequent a licence exclusive the chalkboard of pokeschool. -The ladder glitch and jeremy in the starter fall in -Lady at foundation right of wonder fall in doesnt talk -Wonder fall in convincingness boulders don't effort -Disguised obstacle at the bring overthrow of Wonder Fall In -Professor disapperas with the starter fix -No TM for friend take the plunge in the gym -You can click the same efflorescence 4x to represent yourself appear -Gym chairperson tells you the TMs they are one-beforehand use -road 303, bit of a grpahical trespass -admit defeat to challenger on road, bad things go on -Onega pokegear pickup -Disguised if you admit defeat during Devon altercate -Oak sprite disappears when he resets your pupil -When entering the safari belt, your bills box is over most of the safari warden meeting. -Asgard grunts do not licence museum -Maybe represent it clearer that Jake is in the pokémon followers, a lot of people seem to think he's in Excellent. Even tho i have no goal how, it sic says «just south of my lab»