Remand Home Architect - Alpha 18b - Linux

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Chokey Architect Alpha 18b Strengthen and Handle A Superlative Care Chokey. Chokey Architect is the world's latest Chokey Handling Sim. Starting with an barren map out of mould you must compose a holding cubicle with key and tenseness to legislative heart your first quantity of prisoners, to buy you enough every so often to generate a tickety-boo cubicle design. Chokey Architect Alpha 18b changelog follows = Repair and training programs You can now run every day programs to cortege, instruct and repair your prisoners These are administered from the new Programs tab in the reports interface Each program runs during a scheduled every so often during the day, and costs bucks per hearing Different programs fix up with provision different benefits to you and the detainee Prisoners may only take let go in one program at a every so often, and may only heed one hearing in that program per day Most programs are wilful. Prisoners will be less likely to volunteer for programs if they are unsuccessfully treated Available repair programs: Establishment learning program Diversified Learning qualification Workshop Safeness Induction ← required to line in the Workshop Carpentry Apprenticeship Nautical Galley Safeness and Hygiene ← required to line in the nautical galley Behavioural Analysis Prisoners must now settled the workshop safeness / nautical galley safeness courses before they can line in those rooms New : Classroom / Dogma desk / Educationist You force a functioning classroom before you can set up educating your prisoners The educationist is an extrinsic freelancer who will into your quod to demonstrate his arrange, then will up when done Some prisoners have more fondness for scholarly topics than others. In above moreover, the smooth of concentration of your prisoners is a larger representative on their chances of virtuousness fortune (Prisoners refine best when all of their needs have been taken upset of) New : Carpenters provender Prisoners who have a routine afinity for expedient line can go the Carpentry Apprenticeship. If thriving they will be able to use the new carpenters provender in the workshop They will use stacks of Wood to give rise to outrageous reputation gear (currently a outrageous reputation oafish bed) Blinding play restrict : [Gardener] → Tree → [Cutdown] → Logs → [Saw] → Wood → [Carpenters provender] → Gear Behavioural Analysis is run by the chokey psychologist Prisoners are automatically referred to this program if they act obediently violently within your quod Prisoners who successfully settled the Behavioural Analysis program are less likely to cause upset in prospective = Detainee knowledge Sample is now being recorded for all prisoners during their keep in your chokey You can take in this statistics by clicking on them to overturn up their rap gazette, then click the new Knowledge tab Movement : Shows the analysis of their every so often within your chokey, and what they were doing during that every so often Minded : Shows the amount of every so often discharge in a virtuousness / bad / withdrawn minded. This is a simplification but a useful one. Requisite : Shows how protracted the detainee has been suppressed, injured etc. You can also see the go of their in the air repair program — their assembly and risk of summary the program All programs completed are listed at the underpinning of this errand-boy, showing if they passed of failed the program = Armoury upgrades You can now additional weapons and kit once you have an armoury on . Your guards must arrival to the armoury to pick up their new kit as you unlock it, and there is a outlay to pay per element equipped. Remains Armour : Available to all guards, armed guards and dog handlers. Absorbs 50% of all injure taken, but slows down your guards by 30% You must pay an additional $100 per escort for remains armour. Tazers : Available for all Armed Guards. This is a non deadly weapon which instantly incapacitates the goal, without causing any injure. Can only be fired once, then the battery must recharge before it can be used again (1 hour recharge every so often) There is a outlay of $400 per tazer to be paid as the armed guards rally their new kit. Note: Armed guards will use their shotguns instead as soon as you fix up with provision the weapons not busy buy Tazer Rollout : Equips all guards and dog handlers with Tazers as well as your armed guards. There is a outlay of $400 per tazer to be paid as the guards rally their new kit. = Other improvements Owner Interface scaling Line continues to pretence of the profession gamut correctly to any resolve and any bigness of stretch. There is now a «UI Scale» override mounting to set the bigness of all onscreen elements to your drop. Use the PLUS and MINUS keys to set this value in profession, or organize it promptly in preferences.txt The rooms toolbar now shows the edition of each allowance category that already abide The fog of war function is no longer rendered into timelapse videos Reputation effects like Extinction no longer cause such titanic drops in walking sprint Disaster will now come to an end promptly during a riotous behaviour or a bangup You can now strengthen utilities under the method : Electrical chain, Measly pipes, Sizeable pipes Tweaked the routing practice — entities should get stuck on walls much less oftentimes Established : Sometimes very measly Laundries / Cleaning Cupboards would not explain up in the Deployment/Jobs hide, connotation you could not put down prisoners to them even though they were incomparably valid rooms Established : Armed guards now (sometimes) howl warnings at inmates before firing, unless those inmates are attacking crew or about to do a disappearing act Established : Dial-in-the-profession entries are now sorted to the top of the community biographies tabulation Established : Sun shadows on trees were sometimes rendered much too sizeable Established : Dogs were unwilling/unable to into crew only zones Established : You can no longer strengthen method gates over lakes, or at the ill at ease of the map Established : Actors no longer get bushed (Eg edward, his guards etc)