Age of Wushu House v1.3 mod + text

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Chance the fossil mysticism and enlivening ways of usual soldierly arts with Age of Wushu Family! The tag along-up to PC MMO awareness Age of Wushu, Age of Wushu Family allows players to set out on the cut-throat soldierly arts have of Jianghu and become a place Kungfu commander for transportable! Commander the arts and unleash your inner fighter in the next hit transportable MMO ways r playing peril! Set Out On a Stylized Have set in Fossil China Review a visually numbing understood have filled with placid peach blossom orchards, bustling see streets, and scorched battlefields! With all-encompassing 3D animations and PC-au courant with graphics, Age of Wushu Family transports heroes to Ming Family China, with stylized era outfits and real environments modeled on earnest locations! Striving for Power with 4 Schools Judge from four Soldierly Arts Schools to participate with on the course to chance the power within! Each view offers second to none in harmony opportunities in an dark courage customization routine – commander the Taichi Sword as a upright Wudang protagonist, or sprinkle ninja decease from the shadows as the cunning Tangmen. Participate With a view, commander the arts, and fight with discrepant schools to chance your lot! Feelings-pounding Seditious Encounter Become a place commander of soldierly arts with Age of Wushu Dynasty’s seditious encounter routine. Go beyond plain flunkey ‘n cut mechanics with strategic earnest-tempo encounter. Design new attacks, tempo your parry, and consummate feints to detach through defenses and set-back your contender. Commander second to none in harmony mastery sets to broil with blades, staffs, daggers, and uncover hands! Ignite your Kungfu ardency with impressive Throw A Wobbly attacks and ruin your adversaries! Demand Rivals in PvP Who will be the last combatant of Jianghu? Set Out On a cut-throat have of ninja assassins and Kungfu heroes, as players encounter it out in organized and accessible have PvP. Broil your way to the top in 1 on 1 Arena battles. Shoo-Fly behind contender lines with Spycraft, and participate with together in Guilds to encounter for ascendancy in PvP Guild Raids! «An naff lot of things just right!» – Bag Gamer "Best Transportable Artifice at E3” – OnRPG "Excellent visuals and aesthetic soldierly arts!” – Enhance Arcade "Sure to be a wonderful, ways-chock-a-block artifice for all to lift!” – App Guidance What's New: 1. Modified First Top-up 2. Modified Au Courant With Prizes for reaching lv. 18 and lv. 20 3. Optimizations and bug fixes to existing routine Induct APK,Dispose materials folder in SDCard/Android/data/ and against. Required Android O/S :2.3.3+
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