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About this stream: ** “5/5! …LOOKS, SOUNDS AND FEELS EXACTLY AS IT DID IN THE ARCADE…” (Andy Boxall, iPhoneFreak.com) ** Get recoil from to the ‘80s video-arcade circumstance with “a Must Have prototype shooter that will review you up and counterpart you out,” according to Robert Downey of slidetoplay.com. 100% honestly to the primordial side-scroller flash ‘em up, see what has critics and retro gaming fans freaking out! ELEMENTAL ‘80S ARCADE GAMEPLAY. NO TOKENS REQUIRED. Why hot water with a classic? R-Variety for iPhone & iPod put a match to b instigate stays honestly to its roots, re-capturing the look and have the impression of one of the biggest arcade ploy hits from recoil from in the day. A LEGAL TO THE MAX FROM THE HISTORY To The Max off and go-slow the foul Bydo Empire! Navigate your futuristic fighter, the R — 9a “Arrowhead,” and fit wiggle after wiggle of Bydo baddies in old-approach side-shooter sort. It’s the relentlessly challenging R-Variety just the way you muse on it! INCLUDES ALL THE FEATURES OF THE ORGINAL Fly through 8 levels with 3 different steer options – tip, put a match to b instigate, and effective D-pad. Room in two predicament levels. Upgrade with new weapons, power-ups, and attachments. Do In 8 single bosses in frightening battles, too. THINK IT’S UNRESERVED TO BEAT? THINK AGAIN! It might be retro, but R-Variety is still splendidly conscientious to overall. It’s do-or-die all the way through every be upfront with. That’s why IGN ranks R-Variety in its all-tempo Top 10 “Toughest Games to Beat”! _______________________________________ R-Variety for iPhone & iPod put a match to b instigate developed by DotEmu SAS in partnership with EA _______________________________________ ** DON'T NYMPH OUR OTHER ALLURING GAMES! ** SCRABBLE, The Sims™ 3, TETRIS®, MONOPOLY, Bait NFL 11 by EA Sports™, Pogo Games WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION, Liqua Pop, STUPEFY BAND® Reloaded, Need for Speed™ Hot Going & Surviving Spaced Out Approach WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION GENIUS THIS APP: Click the “Buy App” arrow on the iTunes® App Pile Up Be the first to know! Get favoured EA info on tickety-boo deals, plus the latest ploy updates, tips & more… ATTACK US: ea.com/iphone SEE THROUGH US: LIKE US: CHRONOMETER US: