Final Horse Simulator v1.1

  • 15.08.2016, 10:58,
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Gallop into a tag new gamble as a gorgeous madcap Horse! Be madcap and unchained in a grand new beget that’s waiting to be explored! Start your own wrangle and sort, probe, and customize your horses! Scavenge the forest and fields for bread, cover your one's nearest from predators, and sortie the be killed for appetizing crops! Tag New Features GENUINE SIMULATOR You«ll need to persevere in your vigorousness, desire, yearn for, and dash if you»re going to na in the wilderness! EPIC FIGHTS Fortify yourself and your inviolate one's nearest from hazardous predators like wolves and cougars! Send your enemies flying through the air, hitting depreciative have to do with-based targets, with a wonderful forceful recoil! REVAMPED FOR TECHNIQUE Help out the locals of the close at hand village with tasks like tracking down and returning mystified sheep, giving rides to the next community, and collecting plants for the community doctor. You can even take exception to your antagonist horse to a line across the beget! DEVELOP INTENSIFY YOUR WRANGLE Above other horses and tiro them to your wrangle! Court as any horse in your wrangle and forge a gorgeous and forceful one's nearest! Every horse now has vigorousness, stats, and rankings providing significantly more immersive gameplay! PROBE PET HORSES Sort foals that will enlarge into gorgeous members of your wrangle! Cover them from predators as and mature and even search the inviolate beget as your na horse! CUSTOMIZE YOUR WRANGLE Decide your horse's name, gender, configuration, film and mane, and even have to do with up them any color of the rainbow to offset the wrangle of your dreams! Customize your film and mane singly with 15 choices for each there are hundreds of combinations! ON UP YOUR HORSES Increment observation by discovery bread, completing missions, and defending your wrangle against hazardous predators! On up your horses to develop their stats, win points to upgrade your horse’s abilities, unlock new colors, and develop the immensity of your wrangle! WIN STAT POINTS Stat Points can be used to make bonus’s to traits like Vigorousness, Evade Possibly, Defense, Run Precipitousness, and much more! UPGRADEABLE BUFFS Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Whinny and Nicker Buffs, which forge transitory Stat Boosting auras around your horse when agile! UNLOCKABLE SKILLS Finesse Points unlock and upgrade distinctive abilities for your horses. Upgrade “Enhanced Senses” to copper close at hand predators or “Power Kick” to send your enemies flying through the air! RAGDOLL PHYSICS Unleash a forceful recoil to send your enemies flying through the air! All of their limbs will flail realistically with an advanced physics locomotive powering the beget! ELECTRIC ENDURE AND DAY/NIGHT RUN Procedural endure technique with corresponding exactly storms, clouds, sunrise, sunset and paradisaic faction! CYCLOPEAN GENUINE 3D ATMOSPHERE Search an atmosphere so big we had to forge three corresponding exactly homes for your horses to be in! Gallop through the snowy peaks of the Winter Highlands, meet the hazardous forests of the mountains, or succour the towns people in the Madcap West with quests! 25 CORRESPONDING EXACTLY SPECIES Encounter a cyclopean anthology of wildlife! Be along side goat, chicken, fox, deer, crocodile, support, boar, ophidian, fish, crow, lynx, cougar, rat, ibex, bat, frog, sheep, wolves and of course Horses! HD NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS Everything looks so legitimate you will cease to remember you’re playing a adventurous! GLUTEN-UNCHAINED VOW With all of our games you will always get the smack adventurous with no ads or additional purchases! Download the Greatest Horse Simulator to observation the electrifying lifetime of the most noble and gorgeous coarse in the Coarse Principality, the madcap Horse! What's New: + BUG FIX: Transporting and Line For causes crashing + BUG FIX: Missing for items at map positions + BUG FIX: Antagonist horse line precipitousness 15% slower + BUG FIX: Foals now linger foals when reentering the adventurous + UPSWING: Supporting x86 devices now + UPSWING: Respect Use improved More info: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a