Oubliette Architect Alpha 10 (mac)

  • 15.08.2016, 11:08,
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LINUX RAISE NOW AVAILABLE! Steam customers can now description or subscribe to the to the best prisons from the Architect community. A new peril paragon improves the realty of riots occurring, and when they do you can brutally ride roughshod over the inmates using mel cops with oversized batons! = Steam Workshop You can now appropriate your prisons online via the Steam Workshop, attainable from the most important menu (Steam variation only) You can description your widely known cooler by giving it a name and clicking on Description Alternatively you can look over the Cooler Architect workshop and subscribe to other people's prisons Subscribed prisons will shroud up in the workshop window and can be played at any dated by clicking Horse Around Use the Steam Workshop itself to set About this flow:s, metadata, and to function your published prisons = Linux Cooler Architect is now available for Linux, via Steam and as a standalone download We have targeted Ubuntu 12.04 and later (32 or 64 bit) for now, with wider compatibility coming in days alphas The meeting should trade masterly on other distros, but please let us know if you have problems Note: Cooler Architect is not currently compatible with Debian (Steady), because we press for glibc 2.15 or greater = New gall paragon The combination for determining when prisoners become splenetic and behave badly has been wholly overhauled There is now a Thermometer which represents the «danger level» of your cooler. A towering «temperature» will present to fights. All prisoners have a «boiling point», which represents the temperature at which they will rebound off Max sec prisoners will likely to have a minuscule boiling applicability, spirit they will rebound off earlier This thermometer is visually represented in the top toolbar, showing the widely known temperature and evaluate of switch. Factors affecting the peril unalterable of your cooler: — (multiplication) prisoners splenetic that their needs are not being met — (multiplication) prisoners locked up for no think — (multiplication) mel regulate on locality — (multiplication) disturbance / mel occurring -away — (multiplication) current termination — (back) prisoners who consider they are well treated (all needs met) — (back) guards stationed in the parade — (back) current punishments (obstruction) = Rioting If the «temperature» of your cooler rises too towering, prisoners will initiate to mel. This raises the temperature further, resulting in a feedback tie which can campaign the undamaged cooler into mel Prisoners who are rioting will collar their chamber design, and will ward off it against your guards and mel regulate Rioting prisoners will smash down internal doors, freeing their cellmates and spreading the mel to touching chamber blocks Your guards and stake will not amenably sign on a captured sector — too unsafe = New Exigency services: Mel regulate, Paramedics To arrangement with riots, you can now collect summon in Mel Regulate. These guys are heavily armoured and will retake the captured sectors You can guidance them using the Exigency Callouts piece inventory on the right of the shroud, or by pain in the neck-selecting Paramedics will mend anyone injured -away You can diminish exigency callout units by clicking on the red X next to their piece icon = Do markers When guards morsel an do, they will now «radio in» to on the ball you of this in dire straits Markers will popup around the acrimony of the shroud, directing you to the do Click on the Marker to hastily impel to the do = Laundry continued: — Internee uniforms now come out of the laundry machines crumpled, and must be ironed before use (requires Ironing Stay) — Prisoners will now switch into their even uniforms whenever their Clothing need is towering — When showering, Prisoners will now get undressed only when thorough to the bombard — Fastened: Multiple laundry baskets were being sent to a set aside sector at the same dated — Fastened: Not enough internee uniforms are delivered to the cooler — Fastened: Laundry baskets would sometimes clarify a vertical striation of serendipitous sprites above their disposal = New audio trade A ton of new audio elements have been added to the meeting, especially for splenetic crowds You will now get lots of audio threat before in dire straits breaks out. The cooler now sounds a lot more unsafe A stamp new zealous music throngs will horse around during and after a Mel All objects are now made of a certain matter (Wood/Metal etc) and have appropriate spoil sounds — There have been weighty improvements to explicit piece guidance, ie pain in the neck selecting, wing commands etc — You can no longer raise on the very edges of the map, or anywhere on the route — Guards and stake can no longer see through walls (ie do not display fog of war) — The R description now shows the widely known dated as a plane develop — Prisoners will now snooze when in their cells at any dated between 10pm and 8am, if they need to — All consumables are now delivered in batches, once per hour (ingredients/foodtrays/uniforms/metal/bleach) — Workmen can now disburden anything from distribution trucks. This fixes bugs where items were sinistral blocking the route — Prisoners can now give entr up to 3 visitors in a set aside conglomeration — Fastened: Laundry/Workshop/Kitchen objects could not be dismantled because the job was wrongly assigned to prisoners — Fastened: New construction jobs are often wrongly tagged as «Failed: No materials» for a few seconds — Fastened: Scourge does not end during a bangup — Fastened: Graphical bug that resulted in the origin of some sprites being clipped — Fastened: Prisoners assigned to trade in the Pantry would sometimes try to make known ingredients in from outside, resulting in an immediate hightail it try as soon as they were out the face door — Fastened: The sailing combination would nothing when trying to lay down routes to the very edges of the map (Note: Although entities can steer to the very acrimony, they aren't allowed to raise on it)