Sokoban Deplane Store v1.0.2

  • 15.08.2016, 12:08,
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Sokoban Take Captive is a gutsy where you need to nudge boxes to the right places on the argument, so you unlock the way to keep up your speculation through several levels in various worlds and scenarios undimmed of color and charisma. If you«ve never played Sokoban before or never had much kinship with this warm-hearted of gutsy, don»t perturbation. The first levels were made especially for you. There, you'll learn everything you will need to go on this speculation. In wing as well as, within «configurations» and «pause» menu, you can access the «How to play» which will offer you a transfer with the basics of the gutsy ;) So if you are already a «Sokoban savvy player», the first levels may not be a big call into doubt for you, but the more advanced ones, must satisfy the fancy of «puzzle pioneers adventurers». You will be challenged to use your thinking skills to crack puzzles involving move and amuse oneself. Thus, you'll be able to part each box in part and may keep up your peregrinate organizing things to get further and further away and assail new challenges and places where only the ardent «organizers of things» can get! =D With visual and gutsy inanimate mixing elements of outstanding example games mainly 16bits era with latest 2D styles and sounds, the Sokoban Take Captive was built to please new players and also the old seminary ones :D Dominant characteristics: + Relaxing to toady to and learn how to play; + Helps to expose your thinking skills; + Visuals and high style that unite nostalgia and modernity; + Diverse soundtrack; + New levels and worlds will be included in new updates every month up to 100 levels! Perhaps even to top this number.. =D (Initially there are the first undimmed society with 20 levels); + Works ardent on Xperia Toady To and Ípega PG &#151; 9701 (other devices with national controller, like Nvidia Screen, should profession bonzer too, but not yet tested); + English and portuguese interaction supported; + This variety (Sokoban Take Captive Scanty) is completely disentangle of ads and advertisements. What's New: + Added all «World 3 Fractional 2» Levels; + Added all «World 3 Fractional 1» Levels; + Youngster visual improvements. More info: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a