Razor: Salvation for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (v1.0)

  • 15.08.2016, 12:19,
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Razor: Salvation About this effusion: Fend your homeland. Economize the coterie. As commander of the dropship «Salvation», you are tasked with rescuing Earth's inhabitants and dollop with the EDSF excuse application. Razor Salvation is the first instalment in a series of games that will take the contestant along the fortunes of the Xenos and why they have invaded our planet Terra. Features ELECTRIC ACCOUNT FOR-BASED AI — Enemies demonstrate different strategies and avoid in and out of account for. Electric objects can be blasted around the stage straight and the antagonist will with to stumble on account for behind them! Scion the Xenos, foster the civilians! Or something goodbye them alone and supervise the infected eat them... FIRST INDIVIDUAL «BEACH HEAD» EXCUSE — Use the paradigmatic FPS weapons like grenade launcher, climb launcher and railgun. Access to terrifying specials like the Redeemer! IPAD 3 RETINA — Fullest Completely 2048 x 1536 unravelling verified-notwithstanding 3D graphics. CALM FORM GRAPHICS — Specular take for a ride mapped textures and fullest completely-curtain pixel effects for all devices down to iPhone 3GS. CONTESTANT CREATED FACTIONS — Initiate your own factions with friends and rise up together to be the top performing Crowd in the coterie! RISE UP FOR YOUR LOCALITY — Help your coterie locality to the top of the rankings! ONE OF A KIND LEADERBOARD TITLES — Be the best shooter or savior and escort off with the genius to be at the top! IOS FEATURES — GameCenter leaderboards and fullest completely iCloud sync. Crest Stand By: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, iPad, iPad 2, new iPad, iPod Arouse 3rd Gen (32 gb and up) iPod Arouse 4the gen not supported yet. pursue @cm_games for the latest games and updates! LANGUAGES: English