Catacomb Raider Classics Android

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Burial-Chamber Raider I v1.0.27RC Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: LARA’S MASTER B CRUSH FOR MORE TIMELESS FUNCTIONING! We’re going master b crush to where it all began for one of the most popular video games of all stretch. That’s right, Burial-Chamber Raider I is now available for your Android whim in all its AUTOCHTHONOUS boast. We«ve not messed about with it, so it’s the crammed, unedited, unadulterated affair from the timeless rescue at a wonderful-low cost out. How better to awaken out if you»ve still got what it takes to thump a prominent daring than by fascinating on the dissolute bishopric of Atlantis and the pyramids of Egypt? It’s probably not for the blurred of brotherly love! Key Features:- — Epic Reconnaissance — Uncover the deepest, darkest mysteries of the dissolute bishopric of Atlantis and disinter secrets to Lara’s dead and buried. — Acrobatic Gunplay — Deftly romp around charging enemies while you unleash a barrage of bullets from your trademark dual pistols. — Encounter Ghostly Predators – Rout Atlantean centaurs to the alarming T-Rex — Autochthonous Gameplay – Relive the crammed, unedited, unadulterated affair from the timeless rescue — Crammed Chapters – Includes two accessory chapters that were included in the game’s 1998 rescue — Daring Controllers – Supports MOGA Ace Power & Logitech PowerShell Craving for more timeless action? Get Burial-Chamber Raider I today and re-white-hot the epic danger of Lara Croft in the palm of your hands. Burial-Chamber Raider II v1.0.37RC Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: The multi trophy delightful timeless functioning danger daring from the splendid days of the 90s is master b crush again in Burial-Chamber Raider II for Android users this year! The unstoppable Lara Croft is master b crush in Burial-Chamber Raider II. Be Adjacent To Lara in her hunt seek after for the Dirk of Xian, looked on to endowed with the power of the dragon. But take heed, Lara is not the only one in search of the dirk! Warrior Monks and crazed cult members intrigue against you as you journey from the reserved mountain peaks of Tibet, the canals of Venice and to the davy jones's locker of the sea. Key Features: •Explore FIRST-RATE NEW LOCATIONS from Tibet, China to Venice, Italy! •ARM YOURSELF with robot-like pistols, grenade launcher, M16 rummage through and more! •Over 50 SINGLE ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock! •KILL OR BE KILLED by ghostly Warrior Monks, Yetis and more! •Comes end with “THE BLUE-EYED MASK” development! •Take IN CHECK OF VEHICLES such as motorboats and quad bikes! This app has no advertisements