Oubliette Architect - Alpha 19 - Linux

  • 15.08.2016, 12:54,
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Remand Centre Architect Alpha 19 Erect and Regulate A Superlative Asylum Remand Centre. Remand Centre Architect is the world's latest Remand Centre Directorate Sim. Starting with an undecorated plat of property you must fashion a holding chamber with fundamental incredible and intensity to ill fame your first collection of prisoners, to buy you enough once upon a time to design a usual chamber hunk. Remand Centre Architect 19 changelog follows: = Pecuniary process improvements Cashflow is now discernible from the very start, without needing an Accountant to unlock it Cashflow is now paid hourly, instead of at midnight as before The starting bank difference has been increased from $10,000 to $30,000 The continually federal subvention has been increased from $1,500 to $2,000 You now profit more continually pelf for the max asylum prisoners Scratch Gratuity : Days without Scene You now profit a gratuity to your cashflow based on the enumerate of days without scene. The gratuity accumulates at a value of $1,000 per day without scene. So after 1 day you get a $1,000 gratuity, but after 2 days you get a $2,000 gratuity The superlative continually gratuity is $10,000 for 10 days unelaborated without scene. The amount received resets in a second to zero after a expiration, serious mistreatment, or mizzle off. Corporation Taxes You must now pay tax — 30% of all profits, precisely out of your continually cashflow. Once you have a productive remand centre you can use your accountant to break this to 15% You can also unlock an offshore tax haven for a outrageous $50,000, that reduces your Corporation Taxes to 1%. (This is only recommended for prisons with whopping continually profits) Bank Loans You can now mooch excrescence sums of pelf from the bank, and pay consideration on the amount borrowed. Consideration payments are made hourly, and each lucky payment increases your reliability rating. As your reliability rating increases, so does the amount you can mooch, up to a max of $100,000 Remand Centre Share In Layout You can decide to furnish shares in your remand centre to own investors and chance capitalists. They will pay you 10% of the widespread remand centre value, in truck for 10% ownership of your remand centre. You can furnish up to 50% of your remand centre this way, and you can buy bankrupt at any once upon a time (although the guerdon may have gone up) However if you've sold 30% of your remand centre to investors, you will only profit 70% of the guerdon when you come to furnish the inviolate remand centre = Layout rebalancing The remand centre «temperature» now increases quite a bit slower, bewitching much longer to reach precarious levels The temperature falls much quicker once the causes of frustration have been resolved A prisoner's «time served» now counts up much more slowly, implication they will fritter away longer in your lock up before let go. Once Upon A Once Upon A Time one year judgement = 36 layout hours (1.5 days) Now one year judgement = 120 layout hours (5 days) The Workshop Refuge Induction can now be taught to 10 prisoners at once (up from 5 once upon a once upon a time), and prisoners can use a workshop saw OR a workshop hustle whilst erudition — New room/zone : Exports Finished items are taken from the workshop to the new exports bailiwick. Workmen will do the hauling. If the exports bailiwick is «secure» then your prisoners will also do the hauling. Items in the Exports bailiwick will be weighted down onto liking pronunciation trucks and taken away. You will be paid as they except the remand centre . NOTE: Logs will be auto-sold if there are no workshop Saws on . NOTE: Wood will be auto-sold if there are no carpenters tables, or no conditional carpenters on — SDL 2.0 The layout is now using SDL 2.0 for windowing, mouse/keyboard input, and dependable. (Once Upon A Once Upon A Time SDL 1.2) This should help with mat compatibility and reliability Also provides better undergo for exorbitant dpi displays, joypads, tablets etc — Exorbitant DPI style Exorbitant DPI style is now supported on certain displays — eg the Macbook Pro Retina show. Qualify it from the Graphics menu. This will decide on the layout look significantly sharper on exorbitant DPI displays. (Eg Retina Mac once upon a once upon a time ran the layout at 1280x800 - now runs at 2560x1600 on a 13" select!) = Improvements and Fixes Greatly improved the show of Jobs in the deployment select You must now keep your Administrators employed if you wish to go on with using the facilities they have unlocked Prisoners with «Qualifications» gained from change programs will now strongly enter to vocation in jobs that use those qualifications This fixes a predicament where all your conditional workshop prisoners went off to do the cleaning Tazers are no longer flagged as «Metal», so wont set off metal detectors Trees will no longer except a nonplus if they are felled indoors, eg after structure new foundations over forest The Predicament Services toolbar now shows tooltips for each air force sort, including the value of callout The Rooms toolbar now highlights rooms you are likely to want to erect, due to grants/objectives The Government select has been laid out in a new settlement to decide on allowance for all the new unlocks The Legal Practitioner has been removed from the layout, as he currently serves no . He may replacement at a later antiquated. New graphics for the Fellow Settled : The change program «Scheduler» now ensures there will be a fellow available when picking a once upon a time hollow. This fixes a bug with the gaffer being expected to school in multiple workshop induction classes at once. NOTE: You may need to manually click «Reschedule» if your remand centre has this predicament after loading Settled : Prisoners working as janitors would put up with around in the cleaning cupboard doing nothing, unless you had at least one janitor hired (or if you had very few janitors in a extensive lock up) Settled : Piercing down a tree near a separator settled will no longer pull down that separator settled Settled : Event will no longer tick up on frigid prisoners Settled : You can no longer berth rooms over lakes Settled : Stolen contraband would still be counted if the detainee ethical had nautical port the lock up. This counted towards the overall «Supply» uniform, but could never be base by searching.