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About this outpouring: THE CONCLUDING WAR OF STARS HAS BEGUN... Terra of Pre-Eminent is a online Si-Fi scheme adventurous infrastructure on territory wars.Humane, Exotic and Attitude is the three discrete races in adventurous: Humane has drop armour but tall firepower, Exotic has faster censure pace and does sputtering bill, Attitude has a morose armour, grow into a best segment collocation is the best to win the brawl. Each scramble is antagonist to other two, and players can censure other scramble any at the same time, incursion their resouce and arrest their conurbation. Terra of Pre-Eminent has a tactical gameplay, build your conurbation, exercise your principal, write your skills, cut your creation and sort out your segment, then win your war of pre-eminent. Features 3 sui generis scramble, Every scramble have different segment, construction and difference period. Over 45 different buildings, 10 upgrade levels for every construction. Over 30 sui generis brawl segment. Around 600 quests. 5 colossal brawl map. Over 400 equips, soundness write set-up. Cut creation and segment, grow into your own tactics. Facile principal training set-up. Soundness chatting, mailing and guild set-up. Can incursion or arrest other player's conurbation, have under control whole territory at long last. Also can bear against emeny with your friends. Hundreds of performer vs. performer underline. When distinguished Dr. Indentation was still studying at university, Harry was his classmate. On that at the same time, Indentation was investigating physics, Harry was investigating Biotechnology when he graduated from university and joined the Clergywomen of Public Defense. In a trial chance, Harry was infect by dark species and turned to Exotic, he gained the talents to evolve in a solidly pace. The MND wanted to bury Harry, but Harry escaped to outer break and created lot of Exotic. In to the end that to to bear against Harry and his Exotic, Harry indistinct on weapon set-up, and started a war against Exotic. At this at the same time, a past extraterrestrial scramble called Attitude was drifted into this war. The Attitude is a tall technology scramble that busy in this break for million years. To cover their homeland, they summoned past army to now, bear against Humane and Exotic, and want to urge them away. ... Present More What's new in Interpretation 1.2.5