BlackPlayer EX v20.10 Patched (CTRC)

  • 15.08.2016, 15:09,
  • Games
[center][img][/img] [b]Requirements:[/b] 2.3.3+ [b]Overview:[/b] BlackPlayer Chic — Scant MP3 Music Speculator About this outpouring: [b]Extremely features:[/b] — Folder contemplation — 6 Extremely Fonts — 10 Color accents. — 3 Extremely Themes — Anaemic Widget dissertation. — Customizable crossfading — Customize the Library pages totally. Add, Slay and solve. — Especially grid range for Artist & Albums. — Bestow Make An Exhibit Bitrate, samplingrate and appearance in Now Playing . — Manually search and set Artist images. — Blacklist Folders and Tracks — Anaemic widget dissertation. — Zap, a glimpse of your music stable with this elegant r. Auto plays erratically music tracks for 5 seconds each. — Floating window authority widget — Visualizer, customizable (Beta) — Widget and Notification customizations. — Contemplation Artists as bigger grid. — Contemplation Genres as Slate and as Big slate. — Played Tracks can be tracked monthly instead of weekly. — Haziness potency to Lockscreen or Widget. — 2 Extremely abstract animations — 1 Extremely alteration potency — Developer lady-love! — More upcoming features! EX interpretation always gets the new features first! Notes — Try out the release interpretation before you buy. — This is a analyse app. The Library, Playlists and Favorite tracks are shared between the Release and EX versions. [b]BlackPlayer guide features:[/b] — Plays guide locally stored music files, such as mp3, flac and wav. — Physique-in Equalizer, BassBoost, Virtualizer, Left/Right resound rest. — Gapless playback — Tag redactor — 3D Alteration effects — 3 Widgets — Lyrics viewing and editing. — Lockscreen authority aid — Snooze Timer — Interchangeable fonts and themes. — Weekly most played tracks [b]WHAT'S NEW[/b] 20.10 - January 5 - (EX Only) Activated the Playlist Export r (great gathering on the Playlist you want to export). Both Playlist Suggestion and Export are still in beta! Playlist will be exported to the visible storage rootlet. — Added way out to customize the Now Playing obscurity inconspicuous color if the «Background» frame is set to «Black». — Added Unequivocal Folder contemplation form, when enabled; all Folders with tracks will be displayed in a slate. Charter in Interface settings. — Added way out to slay duplicates from a Playlist, institute at the overflow icon (3 dots) when browsing a Playlist. — Added way out to slay duplicates from the toy with file, institute in the overflow icon in file . — Added way out to squirrel away the «Unknown» Artist. Initiate it in «Metadata» Settings. — Removed way out «Crossfade Next Track», always enabled. — Two A Penny top pilotage changes. improved the layout for tablets. — Two A Penny bang fix with Playlist importing. — Two A Penny fix with Artist «Queue» r, did a «Play Next» instead of «Queue». — Two A Penny bugfix with «Animate Album pager» if «Previous Lose Sight Of mode» was Master-Work. — Tried to fix issues with «Share» lose sight of if the means had out-of-the-way characters. — More translations added.[/center] [center][img][/img][/center]