Hollywood U Rising Stars v2.7.0 mod

  • 15.08.2016, 15:50,
  • Games
THE HOTTEST NEW FEATURE IN HOLLYWOOD IS... YOU! Congratulations! You’ve just been accepted to Hollywood University, the alma mater in for stars. Quit your bags, because prominence, karma, and nostalgia await! • DECIDE YOUR CIRCUIT TO PROMINENCE: Will you be a Pilot, Talking Picture Feature, or Fashionista? • PUT ON ONE'S BEST BIB FOR THE RED CARPET in dozens of shrill-frame gowns and on-lean outfits! • WOMAN CELEBRITIES! Jet set to Vegas, be at red carpet premieres, and more… with running dates that figure your relationship! • MAKE TRACKS BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES... bear out Hollywood why you be a part of on the A-inventory! • FIGURE YOUR ENTOURAGE by recruiting Celebutantes, Enterprise Heroes, Authenticity TV Stars… and more! • IMMERSIVE, RUNNING ACCOUNT penned by the best longhand gang in portable gaming! • YOUR TALE CONTINUES in new quests released every Friday! Brought to you by Pixelberry Studios, the same miniature gang that created the Top 10 , Shrill Alma Mater In Tale! What’s new: Get subject to to put on one's best bib up and win big, because awards age is reject at Hollywood U! In this enchanting update, you can: — Take in the NEW LOOK of your bestowal-enchanting campus! — Discuss important blockbusters with a new CRITIC variety! — Join with BESTOWAL HOSTS, available again for a minimal opportunity! Plus, balk reject each week for disgrace new quests! If Hollywood U has won you over this awards age, let us know with a FIVE FEATURE DISCUSS! Cindy Au Fait With 88 Enterprise Leading Man Mod Info: 1. Boundless Bills 2. Boundless Diamonds 3. Boundless Tickets Required Android O/S : 4.0+