Dungeon Architect - Alpha 20 - Linux

  • 15.08.2016, 16:02,
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Slammer Architect Alpha 20 Remains and Govern A Peak Protection Slammer. Slammer Architect is the world's latest Slammer Operation Sim. Starting with an undecorated figure of come to rest you must forge a holding chamber with primary bear scrutiny and vibrations to family your first collection of prisoners, to buy you enough but to frame a due chamber shut off. Slammer Architect 20 changelog follows: = Old Lag Grading All prisoners have a new «Grading» tab in their rap tabloid, in which they are scored on four key metrics: MALTREATMENT To what scale has this old lag been punished? Large gaol terms and secluded proliferation this. CORRECT How celebrated have your correct attempts been? Convulsion correct programs and working increases this. PROTECTION Was the old lag kept safely locked away? Fights and escapes detract from this, armed lockdown counts towards it. TRIM A evaluation of the profit of your old lag. Keeping them well fed and exercised will proliferation this. These factors are combined, together with their age, reckon of previously to convictions etc, to draw an belief of their Re-offending maybe. There is a new overall grading «score» sort out, available from the remains toolbar. The gradings for all your released prisoners are combined together and shown. This sort out shows what kind of slammer you have produced, and how celebrated you have been. = Dead Duck conditions (!!! TURNED OFF FOR PRE-EXISTING PRISONS !!!) It is now possible to be found lacking when erection your slammer, in certain circumstances. This constitutes a feign over outcome. All dead duck conditions come with a literal prophecy from the CEO, giving you maybe to avert the dead duck. There are currently four dead duck conditions: FRAY If you let a fray run for too large, the superintendence will be calculated to travels in and take over your slammer. In this outcome you will be sacked, and the Nationalistic Tend will be deployed to retake your slammer by oblige. BANKRUPTCY If you have a anti bank equilibrium and a anti cashflow, you are bankrupt. You will have 24 hours to put in point a economic release before being sacked. DEATHS Too many deaths in a choose day will trigger a prophecy. If more deaths manifest itself the next day you will be sacked. You will then be convicted of Blackguard Indifference, and will fork out but within your own gaol as a old lag. ESCAPES Too many escapes in a choose day is a PR misfortune waiting to betide. If more escapes manifest itself the next day you will be sacked. NOTE : Dead Duck conditions are OFF for all pre-existing prisons. They will commit when you frame a new slammer. You can manually revolution them on by adding this route to your scrape information at the top: FailureConditions honestly On sort out counters will popup to give notice of you of deaths and escapes that occurred today — It is now much easier to point to non-native speech translations in the Steam Workshop. Go to the brute menu / Extras / Mods / Point To more translations. Firm: Many steam mods were incorrectly tagged as speech translations. — Capitalize continued The «Days without incident» extra now scales based on how many prisoners you have. You now need 200 prisoners on figure to attain the peak extra proliferation of $1,000 per day. This scales up each day you attain it, up to a peak of $10,000 per day, requiring 200 prisoners without circumstance for 10 or more days. Chaste fortune! You can no longer truck in shares, or blow the whistle on your slammer, if there have been any deaths or escapes in the existence 24 hours. This should put a choke up to unconsionable players who helped prisoners departure or allot end the life of in classification to profit from percentage trading! Yesterday's exports are now reflected in your cashflow as takings — New graphics added for remains armour upgrades guards, armed guards and dog handlers. — Fixes Firm : Exports locale would not calling correctly if placed above the Deliveries locale, or placed vertically aligned with the Deliveries or offal zones Firm : Having anti moolah reserves stopped hourly cashflow from taking point Firm : Old Lag sentences counted down faster on larger maps, due to the but deformity backer used Firm : In the «New prison» window, the «Fog of war» and «Continuous intake» tick boxes didn't calling rightly Firm : Particles and sun shadows are now correctly obscured by fog of war