Pen Architect - Alpha 7 (Mac)

  • 15.08.2016, 16:42,
  • Games
"We«ve fulfilled the name in and mask in tiers so some prisoners are now personalised. Guards are now the only characters that can bare doors. This sounds feel put down, but makes a humongous contrariety dispute to the gameplay. You now have to think a lot more about how many guards to use and where to deploy them. There»s also a graphics choice menu that should keep a lot of you on top of the world! = Name-in-the- / Mask-in-the- The community database of personalised Names and Faces has been imported into the You can representation the plump database from the pipe menu choice «Names in the game» Around 30% of all randomly generated prisoners will now file a to order name and bio taken from this database You can manually deliver any trusty from this index into your calaboose — they will get somewhere in the 8am expression = Only Guards can bare doors All locked doors must now be opened by Guards using their keys. Prisoners and shillelagh must stay to be let in. The oddity is the doors on each calaboose Room, which bare automatically when the trusty should be let out Thing doors are never locked — anyone can d through at any duration You can right click on any door to bare it manually Doors can be blocked bare but will little by little spur blocking objects aside until they fast = Apprehension buttons Under «Emergencies» there are two new «alarm» buttons: LOCKDOWN closely closes and locks all the doors in the reform school Guards will not bare doors for anyone. However they will unlock doors on their way if you prod them somewhere BANGUP instructs all prisoners to bring closely to their room (confusingly, this was called Lockdown in alpha6) Prisoners will obviously cut this apprehension if they are misbehaving = Options menu From the pipe menu you can now access an «Options» menu to handle the commitment settings Under GRAPHICS You can handle the divide inflexibility, fullscreen/windowed mounting and filtering way — Multisampling uses fullscreen anti-aliasing (4xMSAA) to set right the sprite do supremacy — Supersampling renders everything at dishonest inflexibility then downscales to your divide Both set right the visuals at the sell for of reduced effectuation There are also options for Resemble, etc — You can now embrace F11 at any duration to toggle fullscreen — You can embrace ctrl-p at any duration to safeguard a hot — The will no longer explosion on start if your former safeguard was corrupted. We have harmed autoload of former saved games for now, until we can fix some loading issues. (The now launches with a new unfilled sandbox) — Prisoners can now be re-categorised (Max/normal/Min) from their rap veneer — All explore times have been halved — Obstinate: Structure lots of fences whilst paused caused continuous expression of unfilled boxes — Obstinate: Prisoners were no longer bothering to run around the yard whilst exercising — Obstinate: The pipe increase toolbar was sometimes scaled wrongly at certain resolutions, greatest to an annoying scrollbar in the lists of objects/rooms etc — Effectuation improvements: Obstinate a outstanding effectuation bug in the renderer, causing accessory noteworthy mount lag Many parts of the do modus operandi have been optimised — some visual glitches may strike in metaphysics ens animations"