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<a href=«http://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow» http://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/</a After more than a year’s employment since v3.3, we are very thrilled to circulate XBMC4Xbox view v3.5. A humongous figure of new features and improvements have been made since v3.3, including the integration of Python 2.7, improved video playback, updates to the skinning machine, scraper fixes, and multitudes of bug fixes. Key improvements: Python 2.7 & API improvements Python hold up under in XBMC4Xbox has been overhauled, with the out of fixture Python 2.4 replaced with Python 2.7. This update, along with the beyond of some missing API functions brings much better compatibility with Kodi (Formerly XBMC) plugins. The Addons4Xbox installer has also been updated, allowing many plugins written for Kodi to employment right out of the box. The Python 2.7 update also brings conduct improvements, and comes with fully working libraries for sqlite3, and SSL amongst others. DVDPlayer updates DVDPlayer (The channel video especially bettor in XBMC4Xbox) has received numerous changes, including having the FFMpeg sum libraries updated to v1.2.8 which brings a order of new codecs, bug-fixes, and optimisations from the anterior to 0.10.x view. The libraries used for DVD steering have also been updated which should take better compatibility with questioned DVD menus. Scraper fixes and take a shower-ups We had a lot of functioning and unmaintained scrapers with the at one time view of XBMC4Xbox. With the 3.5 launch only a few are included, but they are all maintained and working. We have scrapers for themoviedb.org, thetvdb.com as well as theaudiodb.com for music. Please do hold up under and grant to these explain database projects, as the satisfaction and results are only as beneficent as the info people have contributed. PAPlayer updates PAPlayer (the sum audio especially bettor in XBMC4Xbox) has received some updates since the last view of XBMC4Xbox. DVDPlayer’s FFMpeg libraries are now used for decoding of some audio formats which means some of the old out of fixture libraries we used at one time are no longer needed. This simplifies sustention, and brings with it better conduct and compatibility. The FFMpeg libraries are now used for OGG, FLAC, AAC, AC3,and DTS. Skinning improvements A order of improvements have been backported from Kodi for the epidermis machine. This allows skins and features for Kodi to be more doubtlessly implemented. Thanks to the epidermis developers who requested changes/features and helped with testing. We currently cutter with the same picking of skins as with v3.3 – Confluence Lite, Confluence, Propel Chaos III, and the PM3HD epidermis, but more can be start on the epidermis situation allocate of our forum (such as the but Xbox Extended epidermis from Dom). New branding Thanks to SwedishGojira we now have our own propel branding – our new XBMC4Xbox logo is used on our propel placement as well as for the XBMC4Xbox boot-up spatter. Since the renaming of XBMC to Kodi, there has been some exchange regarding our name. I can buttress we are keeping the name XBMC4Xbox for our propel. Changing it now would just broach more pot-pourri. Transifex integration Thanks to Kodi and their useful tools for handling translations, we are now using the on-border services Transifex to rule over translations for the propel. This means anyone who wants to help reform translations can now go and significant up over at https://www.transifex.com/organization/xbmc4xbox and start translating the software to their fair-haired boy idiom via the affable to use web interface. The updated translations can then be merged subvene into the XBMC4Xbox framework cheap by us. Bug fixes There have been many bug fixes around the software with around 44 issues on the bugtracker resolved/fixed as well as more reported via the forum. Thanks to all those that have reported bugs, provided fixes & patches, and helped with testing. Thanks As well as the key features above, many other changes have been made with a lot of backported features and fixes from Kodi. Thanks to Pair Kodi for creating our fair-haired boy media center software :) Thanks also to all those who help and grant to our propel and forum. If you get high on using XBMC4Xbox and want to teach your hold up under for the relentless situation please consider making a alms to the propel. Please also do solder together in the discussions over at our Forum