[PS3] Skate 2

  • 15.08.2016, 17:29,
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<a href=«http://www.ea.com/skate — 2» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow» http://www.ea.com/skate &#151; 2</a Skate 2 brings gamers to New San Vanelona, a diocese that's been rebuilt after an unspeakable misfortune five years ago. Equipped with paired the bag of tricks, players are tasked to rebuild their occupation and stir up again the skate locality. Now with the gifts to get off-enter and lead objects around, you can beget your own epic spots and challenges, which can then be uploaded, shared and skilful by others around the exactly. Skate 2 ups the ante in delivering all the spirit, creativity and taste of skateboarding with all-new tricks that allow you to truly skate in your own way &#151; on and off the enter. * Paired Your Bag of Tricks &#151; Take to the streets and own the spots of New San Van with new tricks like one-foots, handplants, hippy jumps, and more. * Lead It! &#151; Get off your enter and lead ingredients to beget your supreme spots to skate and wipe out. * Switch the Expression of the Diocese &#151; You can’t rebuild the locality alone—call on your company to uncap the spots, finish the pools, and purvey some derogatory safeguarding. * Hallway of Provisions &#151; Excommunicate your skater in the harshest ways possible with all-new bone-crushing bail physics. The new Thrasher Hallway of Provisions look features ill-bred shut challenges total with gestures to customize your gnarliest bails. * Beget Spots &#151; After you’ve moved ingredients around to beget the best spots, become them off. Upload your fashion spots, download other gamers’ ingredients to skate, and preference on whose spots lead. * Even More Online Skating &#151; Glide seamlessly between fix virtuoso and online skate sessions and contend for hyperborean unemotional notes and/or boast in the new competitive online modes. * Phrase Yourself &#151; Use the Graphics The Deity to figure fashion graphics, then straight them on your hats, hoodies, and decks. Now that you’ve individualized your skater, veil your sickest lines with the expanded skate.Reel and allotment your vids with the exactly. ________________________ USE WINRAR 5 TO PLUCK!
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