Etaria | Survival Incident v1.2.1.0

  • 15.08.2016, 17:59,
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Etaria is a imaginary other-worldly everyone in which various animals and beings spend. You get to this wonderful everyone and you have only one view is to low the people which you will female lead to blossoming. ◄ Everyone of Etaria ► The whole everyone is created in a arbitrarily way and it heart unrestricted. To you always will than be involved, the determination remains only for you. To go to chop trees and to compile wood or to incline downwards on fishing? To pick berries or to go shooting? Will progress off in searches of new lands or to go down in impenetrable caves? ◄ Fauna of the everyone of Etaria ► Traveling all over the everyone in Etaria you will undergo a remarkable multitude of various representatives of fauna of this or that territory. Little and engaging little squirrels, insubstantial and gentle lambs, immense and hideous scorpions and many others. ◄ Sand-box'a Elements ► At devices there will be Sand-box'a elements, namely editing a aspect and construction of huts and other useful constructions. ◄ Survival Elements ► At devices also there will be survival elements. Compile livelihood, fustigate off from enemies and wilderness animals and many other things. ◄ Hunting and fishing ► Be involved in hunting for origination of scoff and various useful resources, such as skins, canines, etc. You fly in the ointment fish in reservoirs. Fishing is one of fascinating occupations, after all fish клюёт depending on habits of day. ◄ Inhabitants ► You can establish the village in which your inhabitants whom you can part distribute into categories will spend and concede them various tasks, for example cut firewood, course seek out, will go to repository, etc. ◄ Routine gifts ► Come into Etaria every day and come into a honorarium! You are waited by resources, the weapon, armor and many other things! ◄ Features ► • Heart unexpected and uncountable everyone. • Various biomes (Woods, fields, deserts, bogs and many others.) • Obese multitude of various animals and other beings. • Different types of entertainment: the compartment of a tree, fishing, hunting, descent in glowering caves and many other things. • Soar-Shelter elements. Protect the camp and raid the others. • Survival elements. Vulnerable in forbidding conditions What's New: Upgrade now! Account has brought the following changes: -Wit To pick up things from the produce. -Unflinching a bug where it was ludicrous to enlarge a construction. -Slash The appraise of APK portfolio. -Unflinching Various errors -Improved about More info: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a