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  • 15.08.2016, 18:17,
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EMUXTRAS MENU accessible unchain(for Hdtv or 16/9 crt tv users only) After big headaches with Darknior with all the problems we encountered, it's at the last moment here! A HDTV launcher for our xbox with levy HQ atworks for all our emulators, and also a launcher that keeps all the eminent UnleashX capacity (ftp cart, process adjusting, fill out editing and browsing, all the videos options, etc) I have optimised it the max possible to explain the best we can(one stockpile reiterations with ALL videos backing bowels instead of multiple folders helps unleashx), XMV converted hd videos (because XMV videos are smoother and faster than wmv8 videos), Hd flay with One hq 1280*720 backgroundg in PNG, ONE 1280*720 loading process (because for some reasons jpg renders bad in hd with unleash, png is better), and now a Hq music gamester. And at the last moment one fr interpretation and one Us interpretation, big kuddos to darknior for this of course. Now It's finished and works superbly! HOW TO INSTALL? 1) You must have the dashboard UnleashX installed on your xbox; (it«s certainly already the receptacle if it»s a softmodded xbox) 2) put the flay on your Unleash flay folder (usually on C:/skins or E:/dashboard/skins), then bear it with «start» (or else the flay won't be saved after a reboot). After this, put the «VIDEOS» folder on E:/EmuxtrasMenu (US)/VIDEOS or F:/EmuxtrasMenu (US)/VIDEOS.(one VIDEOS stockpile reiterations with ALL videos backing bowels instead of multiple folders helps unleashx to run faster) 4) now, you«ll have a little business to do; when you»re on UnleashX, completely herd «start» in face of each emus you have, then trade the video opening footpath, also, eradicate the «icon» opening footpath if it's the receptacle (herd «X» to eradicate the footpath), UnleashX will be faster to gig your items, redeem each time... it«s better if each consumer use his own config.xml (because every consumer have a different folder/category/emunames organisation); that»s why i don't stipulate a «config.xml» and a «items.xml» it will keep a lot of pandemonium for everyone 5)DONE, you have the best HDTV launcher for xbox, be sure you have 1080i enabled,(in the video chance on UnleashX, AND in the microsoft dashboard); it will look better. Now, the menu just lacks the videos for xbox games wich we are working on with darknior and blackshadow
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