Whiten Heroic Souls v2.1.0 mod

  • 15.08.2016, 18:58,
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Whiten: Unfearing Souls v2.1.0 mod TEMPTING 3D INITIATIVE 3D graphics and honest controls down for detach-flowing and constant-paced flunkey-and-horsewhip initiative. EPIC SIGNIFICANT MOVES Unleash each Whiten character's in perfect accord significant moves to fashion your way to triumph. Significant moves are fully voiced by the inventive Japanese anime say actors. THREE'S COMPANIONS Unify your favorite characters into teams of three. You can even down combinations of characters you would never see in the inventive assertion. The possibilities are almost undefined! RELIVE THE WHITEN ASSERTION Root For the Whiten assertion from the concern Rukia and Ichigo first dispose of. Enlarge On your characters as you unreduced quests that recreate crucial scenes from the assertion. STRUGGLE OTHER PLAYERS Collide in weekly leagues. Pit your best warriors against other players' teams and vie for the top pimples. ENLARGE ON YOUR CHARACTERS Unfearing Souls features a well elastic eccentric advance practice that allows you to generate exactly the warriors and the yoke you want. Tender struggle and net observation to play fair with up characters and remodel their lowly stats, Ascend them to developing their max play fair with, coach them on the Vital Spirit Tree to further remodel restricted characteristic of stats, or together characters together to take measures additional face. The pick is yours! What’s new: The following issues that appeared with idea 2.0.3 have been bent: — Some consequence pay filler names not displayed on the pay development telly. — Incorrect eccentric facial expressions during mission culmination spirit. — Pick Up menu appears when other players use a Significant Gesticulation during Co-Op quests. Mod Info: 1. God Fashion 2. Cooldown (Not Including Ultimates) 3. Rhizome Brake Removed This willing has ensign advertisements You can only download the figures files from in jail the willing. Tiptop Broad server and you're in. Requirements: Android O/S : 4.0+