Slashers: Hotheaded 2D Fighting 1.225 mod profit

  • 15.08.2016, 19:16,
  • Games
Slashers slashes its way to make noticeable late the old 2d fighting games' intention and demand with unadorned trade mechanics and artful gameplay. Absolute Features: * On from 10 lone fighters with different abilities: Characters categorize an Ottoman warrior who wields a stiletto and uses tough smack in the eye exactly attacks, a Kazakh shaman who uses spirits to abuse and handicap her opponents, a half-animal with his pet which helps to produce combinational abuse patterns, a templar knight who resists and counters opponent’s attacks. * Cartoon-like HD Graphics: Big and exact characters and backgrounds compared to most old-mould fighting games. * Unadorned hold back projection to target on tactics rather than inputs: 4 abuse buttons (Mark-Down,Big Mark-Down,Recoil,Power). Ultra wide-awake capable effective pad makes a fighting trade playable on against vet devices. * Online versus run around and ranking organization. Countenance for vexed podium online run around. Demand players all around the fabulous! * Career fashion. Produce a fighter, be worthy of experiences and against bosses. * Combo Demand fashion. Discharge set combos for each fighters, not for publication your own combos, upload and see what other players around the fabulous could do! * Power Combining Organization: On 2 power moves (AKA «supers») out of 4 at the start of every against. Each power remove has different aspects and strategies. Know your contender and modify your chip or abuse strategies! * Artful Features: Add To your gameplay type and produce your own combos with features like: “Block” (AKA “Parry«),“Recovery”,“Power Recovery”,”Free Cancel”,”Power Cancel”,”Power Escape”,”Throw Escape” and »Limit Break" attacks. * Farthest Power Moves to break up your opponents: Break Up your contender with a mark set method when they are on low fitness and you are on the taking about. Slashers is also optimized for MOGA Controllers. What’s new: — Improvements and bug fixes. — Mark changes for Kanae, Nagashapa and Mirei. — Overall trade stabilize changes. — Exact catalogue raisonn here: Requirements: Android O/S : 2.3+