Penal Institution Architect - Alpha 6 (Mac) (.zip)

  • 15.08.2016, 19:44,
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Alpha 6 introduces lifer imperil categories with coloured uniforms to lay bare this. Prisoners now have a disgraceful summary and are classified according to perceived imperil, however this is an CONJECTURE and may not be meticulous — you«ll still need to keep a detailed eye on the little darlings! We»ve also adjusted the lifer intake settings to allow even more customisation of the unflinching. = Lifer Categories All prisoners are now classified based on their imperil point — Min, Reasonable, or Max. Lifer uniforms are coloured to lay bare this: Pearly, Orange and Red respectively. Note: The Grade of a lifer is an CONJECTURE of their imperil point, based on their convictions. However their firm imperil is strong-minded by their TRAITS = Lifer Traits, «Rap Sheet» & Disgraceful Summary All prisoners now have Bios that fatigue their disgraceful summary, in detail of conditions in calaboose etc Click on any lifer to march past his Rap Weekly. Prisoners have (internal) traits which decide if they are harsh, malignant etc These traits decide the Prisoner's likely return to their needs not being met = New Sector Categories You can now set sectors to be used for MinSec or MaxSec prisoners in the deployment movies. Note: This only affects prisoners stall apportionment. They currently due all other rooms. MaxSec or MinSec prisoners without stall rank will overflow into the shared (Wan) sectors. A Holding Stall is required as fugitive cover to smooth stall changes = Intake Charge You can now charge the intake of new inmates from the «Prisoners Report» movies. You can elect which categories you are unreserved to, or pull up receiving any new prisoners. Note: Unavailable if «Continuous Intake» is enabled; You will acquire a hit-or-miss randomly amalgamation = The examine for Stuck Prisoners Several artful bugs have been stationary which resulted in prisoners becoming stuck, shackled, pushed into the insane, forgotten, or trapped in sanatorium beds. (Guards sometimes as well) Prisoners who are trapped will now be escorted master b crush to their cells by a look after. Note: All entities need to be healed before they will be let out the medical division, and Prisoners need to have a stall to be taken master b crush to. — There is now some difference in the medical man scope of prisoners. Higher Imperil prisoners wait on to be larger — Doctors will now improve injured people around them more reliably (within distribute 10 sq) — The belt amount dragging sounds will no longer put cooperate unless you are laying out construction orders — Erection frameworks now look more 3d and send shadows when under construction — Links have been added to the Necessary Menu to access the latest side, legitimate terms & conditions and buy after — Stationary a bug which allowed prisoners to glitch through doors when they were trying to elude, making it quite a bit easier for them to progress — Stationary: The unflinching would boom on loading or selecting a saved calaboose, if that calaboose had a cursory epitome of diameter or top > 2048 pixels. (Happens if you are uninterrupted at higher res, eg Retina) — Stationary: You can no longer callout innumerable numbers of firemen — Stationary: A insensible or blind to firemen will no longer drop/spawn his firehose continuously