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About this tide: Figure Up 1 App in 6 countries! It’s heyday for heinous flying trouble and plumb loco tricks with your favorite feathered financier! Enter Woody Woodpecker and his pals as they compete with across immature valleys and icy slopes. Charge days beyond recall your opponents and take over first dwelling by timing your touches just right. Created by honoured cartoonist Walter Lanz, the unforgettable energetic collecting comes to memoirs in this addictive and merry racing artifice that’s fun for all ages. Crush Quotes «Addictive, has scores of replay value and lots of capacity to keep you going for the elongated term.»â€” God is a Geek, 9/10 «...if you are looking for a calender coaster carried starring Woody Woodpecker then you won’t be disappointed.»â€” The Smartphone App Comment On «Woody Woodpecker’s bearing would be insolent in a just about any iPhone or iPad artifice, this app included, because — well, he is Woody Woodpecker and people just intended the little guy.»â€” Plumb Loco Mike's Apps «Woody Woodpecker is merit the amount of entr, and you’ll get a convivial titter out of it.»â€” Apple N Apps • CARRIED THOSE HILLS On from any of the five distinguished Woody Woodpecker characters and carried those slopes. Use the wonderful open one-affect mechanic to farther ahead force on the down hill and fly out like a shoot up on the other side! • DISTINGUISHED FACES All of your favorite characters are here — Woody Woodpecker, Crisp Willy, Winnie Woodpecker, Misapprehend Meanie, and Summon Buzzard! Each has their own rare characteristics including acceleration, top charge and even a rare power-up. • THE COMPETE WITH IS ON Take your skills online and compete with against people from all over the humankind using the apt and light Wi-Fi based multi-punter rage. For more low-down or reinforcement, please look in on www.chillingo.com What's new in Adaptation 1.1 Make new KNOCKOUT RAGE • Knockout rage features a 4 organize compete with where at the end of each organize the last racer is eliminated. • Three knockout races across the Golf, Arctic and Circus worlds, it's knockout fun for every