Sixtieth Kilometer v1.0 apk + statistics

  • 15.08.2016, 21:00,
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You«re going to trade by household, but unknown things happens on the way: the household stops, the pink fog appears outside and the man who came off the household directly dies. The fundamental characters turned out to be locked in the household without any clues about what»s happening... Elect how to conduct oneself in different situations. Apostrophize Reserved with characters. Your actions and decisions will variation the black lie around you. Consonant tone, startling cook up twists and colourful troupe of characters whose position for you is changing depending on your actions. About characters: Nicolay is a driver of a household. When the fog starts, his benefactor and about comes out of the household to see what«s going on and gets suffocated. Nikolay is very worst about his friend»s expiry and feels sorry because he didn't stoppage him. Nicolay takes over the governorship in the household and is trying to balmy down the passengers. He is always trying to gather up the less be in opposition to verdict for any setting. Alexander Petrovich is one of the most perplexing people on the household. He has some gas guise which helps people to come out of the household for a while. Alexander is trying to get the setting under oversee and take down a peg everyone who is trying to encumber. Marina is an traditional critic of postpositive major courses, going to the university. She has a very temperate troupe, but very lead at the same even so. Eugeniy Konstantinovich is a really unpleasant man spreading the track of drink everywhere. He takes his own impression as the only punish one and never admits his mistakes. Trying to encumber in everything around. Put APK,Class materials folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and be a party to b manipulate. Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+