TonyHawksAmericanWasteland MOD QUIT [XBOX360]

  • 15.08.2016, 21:12,
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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Xbox360 TNTHPS .XEX MOD LOT Mods by: TNT <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a --------------------------------- These mods were created by modifying English communication files. Therefor, many may not m correctly in other languages. -- There are MANY MORE MODS (Trainers, XEXs, Saves, etc.) @ TNTHPS.US!! --------------------------------- Type: 3.0 - For the newest type, descend upon I will prohibition seeding the old type per new tidings. --------------------------------- Altogether abode the included folders into the xex directory and run the meet! Overwrite all files. &#151; The included folders don«t supplant every folder, so don»t publishing blue-pencil the nonconformist folders first. --------------------------------- Design-a-Skater Mods: &#151; Pure Illimitable Scales (allows you to change into things also gaol-out!) &#151; Added cryptic items (including the topless female shirt chance «Sport Bra»!) Menu Mods: &#151; Debug Options (Delay meet, click Meet Options, click Debug Options) &#151; Toggle FPS Evince in Debug Options = Loads Abominable Viewer (abominable space consistent exactly like viewer) &#151; All Levels Unlocked Always (Except Skate Ranch for some senses) Added Cryptic Consistent Mods: (These are for Tidings State, use the Debug Menu to Unlock All Levels in Tidings!) &#151; Viewer (space beget skater floats endlessly in) &#151; Testlevel (Neversoft testlevel used to assay the meet during enlargement) &#151; Char Assay (a debug chance that shouldn't be a consistent, reboots calm) In-Meet Mods: &#151; Complete Remainder (SEE TOP-DEVASTATE NOTE BELOW!!!) &#151; Illimitable Run Timer (SEE TOP-DEVASTATE NOTE BELOW!!!) &#151; No Out-of-Bounds (escort and skate on copiously, pungees, and out-of-bounds areas) &#151; Air Quibble (wallrun up a close off, or understudy for altogether still, and then like mad tap «A» to run through the air) &#151; Wallride Quibble (hold off «Y» to wallride and like mad tap «A») &#151; Kibble Quibble (hold off «Y» to kibble and like mad tap «A») &#151; No Kibble Staidness (allows you to kibble up rails without stopping) &#151; Inline Mod (prolong surface anything and fast hold off the formerly larboard joystick insolent to run for the aftermath) --------------------------------- TOP-DEVASTATE NOTE: This mod lot is designed good for people who don't like Complete Remainder and Infinate Run Timer. There are two .xex files included, default.xex and default_pb.xex. Default.xex loads all the mods, except for Complete Remainder and Illimitable Run Timer. Default_pb.xex loads all the mods, including Complete Remainder and Illimitable Run Timer. --------------------------------- <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a