Fortress: Destroyer v1.0

  • 15.08.2016, 22:11,
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Fortress: Destroyer v1.0 Develop Intensify the biggest, most blisteringly robust battleship squadron imaginable, then combat isolated against the oppress Blackwater rapid in this innovative effect-RPG from the makers of Bloons TD 5. ART YOUR FREIGHT Select one of 3 freight classes, block multiple gun slots with robust weapons, and add Modules to get new abilities. Take your impost freight develop intensify into one of 15 missions, and unleash sterling despoliation as you quarry your weapons, ram enemies into gibs, and trigger abundance boiling determined abilities. Warrant resources and cutesy Blueprints with each success, upgrade your freight, and develop intensify a squadron of up to 15 ships to wrest overlook of the seas away from your unstoppable contender. RIGHT AND BESIDE ONESELF Overlook about uneventful freight simulations you've seen before — this is easy, one-apply driving with the capacity to escape from answering new liveliness, auto-quarry enemies, and stock up nitro boosts for awe-inspiring ram combos. BEAT YOUR ENEMIES Blackwater isn«t going down without a combat — you»ll aspect dozens of acrimonious enemies who can turn out a mixture of pallid onslaught groups. Voyage old times contender turrets and fortifications to beat contender-spawning factories. Then aspect off against titanic armored boss ships that use every ounce of their firepower and their signature determined attacks to send you to a dull vital. DEVELOP INTENSIFY YOUR SQUADRON 15 different freight types, 16 Bridges, 100+ weapons, and 75+ modules allow you to art an beyond belief array of robust ships. Use Squadron Squadron to label in two of your other ships to aspect up to well-built objectives, or send other ships off on timed missions to come isolated with judgemental resources to help you spring up even stronger. YOUR PURPOSE, IN A TERRIFYING NEW AGE In 2063, titanic ice shelves in western Antarctica poverty-stricken laid-back, crushing coastal cities below cataclysmic waves, formidable atomic failsafes, and plunging the age into affliction, modifying, remunerative downfall, and regional combat. Governments crumbled, and in 2065, Aiden Atrocious, forefront of the world's largest naval military contractor, Blackwater Enterprises, unleashed his stockpiled fleets and seized lead of the seas. You are a captain in the New Coastal Union, a coalition of surviving federal and hush-hush fleets held together by the need to confront Blackwater. You must arm your freight, gather together valuable Blueprints to develop intensify your durability, and amass a squadron of warships predominant enough to invite Blackwater and allow our age to rebuild. Download and call attention to now, Captain — your squadron awaits! Required Android O/S : 4.0.3+