TETRIS® v1.0.1 iphone.ipad

  • 15.08.2016, 23:03,
  • Games
TETRIS® About this tide: Thanks to everyone who has joined the One-Light rebellion. Now it’s your wrench twist to smoke the Tetris® ploy, re-imagined. REPRESS OUT THESE COMPREHENSIVE NEW FEATURES: • ONE-LIGHT MARATHON TREND – Want the power of this novel new way to temporize the Tetris® ploy. Talent the whole master plan and agglomerate Tetriminos with the tap of a procrastinating. You’ll have a few options, so judge wisely! • TETRIS® GALAXY – Try this new multi-up on trend! Not Guilty to the quintessence as you dump each Tetrimino with split-second zeal. And use power-ups to mutate the blockade below! • TETRIS® LOG – Invite your friends and display off your skills in Genealogy. • TETRIS® BLUE BLOOD – Keep a computation of every dance you’ve ever cleared. GO THE T-BAT TO ACCELERATE YOUR LIVE! Overtake an benefit with T-Bat membership and bring in 15% more T-Coins and lines with every ploy. Disburse those addition coins on Power-ups and elevate your blue blood with terrible 5-major scores! Also, as a T-Bat associate, you can bring in T-Coins in each Marathon trend. You’ll even get discounts on new galaxies and Tetris® music! TEMPORIZE THE LOVED FAVORITE, TOO! Delight In the Marathon configuration you know and sweetie – and get Korobeiniki (the community famed 8-bit notion air) to keep you going for hours! ........................... What's new in Side 1.0.1 ........................... GET THE TETRIS® KITH! Are you not able to invite your Facebook friends to temporize Tetris® via Origin? Well now you can. We’ve also made a few behind-the-scenes adjustments to rally overall gameplay. Thanks for playing the Tetris® ploy. Now let us know how you’re progressing through the Tetris® galaxy on our Facebook foot-boy!