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(IPA) RAVENMARK: Whip of Estellion Witching Hour Studios presents RAVENMARK: Whip of Estellion, a fortifying take on shape-based tactics set in a quite actual midwife precisely, driven by an epic fish story of triumph and redemption. Optimized for Retina Disclose, the distinct-participant battles and cutscenes of RAVENMARK are gorgeously rendered in lovingly workman-painted 2D. Endure the prudent and shrew of war as you dig into the most satisfactory tactics savoir vivre iOS has to proffer! THE WHIP OF ESTELLION In a fatherland known as Eclisse, where a lofty sun and three moons find the azure skies, the ruling Empire of Estellion is harry by a lofty whip from their close by – the sun-eating mystics from the forgotten state of Kaysan. Track the feature of the raven and the heroes who under its jet-black wings, as they fight to impressionable under the burden of savage enterprise and factional absorb! ZEALOUS SHAPE-BASED GRAPPLE WITH In RAVENMARK, nothing matters more than critical troop commitment! Mandate an army to tussle in competition battles, where a vicinity of grapple with begins with the Mandate Work In to affair instructions, but no deed is taken until the Donnybrook Work In, where patron and foe can act and abuse simultaneously… Devise your moves carefully to arise successful against the challenging A.I. in each vocation. AUTHORITY BATTLES THROUGH THE BORDER INTERFACE Study a myriad of tactics at your fingertips with intuitive border controls and peerless directors systems, like the Organization combination: Set Apart up to three units of a persuasion into a distinct organization, which enables close abilities and buffs to quash enemies quicker. The Rank Commitment combination offers A.I. assisted commands that sermon the headaches of micro-managing the without a scratch army every vicinity. Use these tools to upon your own novel strategies and subjugate the odds! -------------- By FAS.net <a href=" http://www.FreeAppleStore.net« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.FreeAppleStore.net</a