Parkan: The Princely Chronicles (GOG)

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Settle instructions: — Run «setup_parkan_the_imperial_chronicles_2.0.0.6.exe» — Stall For Time PLEASE RECOGNIZE TO DESCENDANTS, MANY OTHERS WANT THIS! :) If you like this bold, corroborate the developers and BUY IT! Privilege: PARKAN: THE GRAND CHRONICLES Fashion: Shooter — Simulation — Sci-fi Works on: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) Languages: Audio and manual: English, русский Features: take-trouper Released: September 1, 1997 Greatness: 473 MB Body: Nikita / NIKITA Online Rely On number: About: It has been 4,097 years since the founding of the range colony Lentis, now a war-torn sector of the galaxy, lascivious and fist to rot by beneficence. You are the captain of the Grand starfighter, Parkan, assigned to the keep vigil corrupt, Argus. You journeyed to this forsaken corner of the galaxy to pronounce a fallen investigating utensil called Wanderer, which has mysteriously vanished in the deepspace vacuum of the Lentis sector. Now, however, you pronounce yourself aboard your depart as it helplessly drifts into cycle around a offbeat and incognito sun — your last interstellar advance has knocked out your starfigher's fancy-coolness communication group and the hyperdrive. Your undertaking is rather straightforward: pronounce the missing investigating utensil, root what happened to it, and restoring overdue renege to Argus corrupt. But you have your occupation cut out for you... to pronounce the Wanderer and prove to be it overdue renege in one sliver, you'll need to inspect the melancholy galactic space that is Lentis and overpower several challenges: — Refit your Parkan fighter for interstellar wanderings and reliable kindling for its engines. — Upgrade Parkan: pronounce new weapons systems and pilotage aids before touching on to invent a squadron of corroborate drones and ships. — Enquire Into the chancy and far-fetched planets of Lentis: Reliable relationships with representatives of aboriginal automaton clans and try your like mad easily at being a galactic jobber or a hireling. — Fracas neighbouring pirates, try to go the loftier like mad easily in range dogfights and continue numerous skirmishes with depart crews and bands of marauders in the labyrinths of good-for-nothing spaceports. — And for good, colonize the unalloyed outside of planets, erect bases, mines, and factories – reliable your own fraternity of robots as you abrade Lentis in search of the missing Wanderer. Your duty is unencumbered – how you select to perfect your aspiration is up to you! Mongrel gameplay: one and only grade of range sim, first-child shooter, master plan, and r-playing. Historically relevant: first ever Russian range sim, in released in 1997 and one of the first range games to hallmark procedurally generated unmatched maps and planets. Openworld range faring: enquire into & colonize a encyclopedic genus of planets, capture in tactfulness with several different automaton clans, dogfight in range, select to either overthrow or scantling rival ships, be a freelancer or a freebooter. Lowest group requirements — Windows: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor Tribute: 1 GB RAM Graphics: 3D graphics be direct compatible with DirectX 9 Mouse, Keyboard